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Birthday Status

For U I Am Always Here To Stay, Each Year To Wish Happiest Birthday.
May All Happiness Come To You In All Your Rest Life. Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day.
I Wish You Happy Birthday I Wish You Many More, I Wish You Peace And Happiness..
Am So Glad To Have A Friend Like U Happy Birthday.
Wishing An Amazing Day And Many Great Things To Come To A Wonderful Person. Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday! I Hope Its Filled With Love, Laughs, And Family.
May God Shower His Choicest Blessings On You. Wishing You Happiness, Good Health And A Great Year Ahead.
Just Dropped In To Wish You A Birthday Full Of Happiest!!
Birthdays Are Good For You. The More You Have, The Longer You Live.
All I Got You For Your Birthday Was This Post. Hope You Enjoy It! Try Not To Read It All At Once. Happy Birthday.
Sending Birthday Blessings Filled With Love And Peace And Joy Wishing Sweetest Things Happen Right Before Your Eyes.
May This Day Bring Countless Happiness And Endless Joy And Live With Peace And Serenity. Happy Birthday.
On Your Birthday Lots Of People Are Thinking Of You. I Just Wanted To Let You Know That I Am One Of Them. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, My Friend. I Can't Imagine Celebrating With Anyone Else.
Happy Birthday To My Sister!! I Hope You Have The Best Birthday Of All Time For The Best Girl Of All Time. Something Like That!!
Happy Birthday To One Of The Coolest Person I Know, Who Only Gets Cooler With Age.
Hope Lovely Surprises Are Coming Your Way, To Make Your Birthday A Wonderful Day!
I Hope That 4 Every Candle On Your Cake U Get A Wonderful Surprise.. Happy Birthday.
Here's Wishing A Happy Birthday To The Most Charming, Funny, Attractive And Rocking Personality In Town. Have A Great Day.
Happy Birthday To The Most Sweetest And Sugary Person I Know, Have An Awesome Day Ahead And Stay Blessed, Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday To Someone Close To Me. Hope All The Angels Are Singing To You In Heaven.
Happy, Happy Birthday! I Hope The Day Has Been Blessed With The Presence Of Those You Love Most, And Many Magical Moments!
May Your Birthday Be Filled With Smiles, Sunshine, Love, And Laughter.
Your Birthday Is A Special Time To Celebrate The Gift Of 'You' To The World.
Wishing You All The Fun And Excitement That Only Birthdays Can Bring.
The Sun Is Shining More Brightly Today As A Way To Wish You Happy Birthday.
As Friends Go, You're Not One Of The Best. You're The Best! May This Year's Birthday Be The Best Ever For You.
Wish You Many More Happy Returns Of The Day. May God Bless You With Prosperity, Good Health And Peaceful Life.
From The Bottom Of My Heart, I Wish You A Very Happy Birthday. May It Be Filled With Love, Blessings, And Joy.
Only People With Lots Of Luck And Good Karma Get Best Friends Like You. Stick With Me Forever. Happy Birthday!
May Every Birthday Remind You The Number Of People Who Love You And Can't Do Without You. I'm One Of Them! Happy Birthday.
I Wish You A Very Happy And Warm Birthday. Your Friendship Has Touched All Of Us. May You Get All You Desire.
I Pray That Your Birthday Is Rich In Good Faith And Love As You Celebrate Another Year Of Blessed Life, Dear Friend.
Thinking Of You With Love On Your Birthday And Wishing You Everything That Brings You Happiness Today And Always.
Happy Birthday To The Most Wonderful, Awesome, Beautiful, Courageous And Great Friend You Are.. Have An Awesome Birthday.
Birthdays Are The Milestones Of This Adventurous Journey Which We Call Life.
Thinking Of You And The Good Times We Spent Make Me Smile! Happy Birthday To A Friend Who Is Always Close To My Heart.
Do You Believe In Miracles ? I Sure Do Because I Found You I Love You Happy Birthday To You.
I Will Never Lets You Fall, I Will Stand Up With You Forever, I Will Be There For You Through It All Happy Birthday My Love
I Fell In Love With You Not For How You Look, Just For How You Are. Happy Birthday My Life.
On Your Special Day Today I Wish And Pray, May You Get The Hole Happiness Happy Birthday Brother.
I Am Blessed To Have A Brother Like You, My Constant Energy But Always There To Make My Day, Happy Birthday Bro.
Happy Birthday Brother,wishing You A Day Filled With Happiness, And A Year Filled With Joy.
A Brother Is A Friend Give By Nature, Happy Birthday Brother.
A Mother Holds Her Children Hands For A Short While, But Their Hearts Forever. Happy Birthday Mom.
Mom You Are My Best Friend And Greatest Confidante, I Could Not Be Any Happier To Have You As My Mother, Happy Birthday My Mom.
God Could Not Be Every Where And There For He Made Mother Happy Birthday Mom And I Love You.
Your Birthday Has Already Passed But Hoping Its Was Simply On The Best, Many Many Happy Return Of The Day Happy Birthday Friend.
Happy Birthday To My Friend, Stay Blessed And Happy This Day.
I Hope Your Birthday Is Magical. May Your Gift Be Healthy, Love And Happiness.