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Broken Heart SMS

Kisi Ke Ishq Me Hume Bas Yahi Munafa Hua Hai, Mere Gam Meri Tadap Me Aur Izafa Hua Hai!
How can i ever be fine, If i do not have ur love ? I can never let u know, how much pain .... ----> I......AM.......IN <----
The Empty Space In My Heart Can't Be Filled Till The Day You Come Back I Miss You Every Second..i Would Take My Last Breath To Say I Love You Even Though You're Not There.. Truth Is I Need You In My Life Again-for My Heart Cannot Smile...!!! ♥U Will Never Be Mine But I Still Love U♥
Koi Pyar Karne Wala Agr Dukh De, Or Aapki Aakho Me Aansu Aajaye, To Is Yakeen K Saath Aansu Ponch Lena Ki,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ye Haq B Aap Hi Ne Diya Hai.
We Can Not Be Together, But We Will Never Be Apart. For No Matter What Life Brings Us, You Are Always In My Heart.
I Want To Touch A Heart, But When I Try To Touch, It Get Broken, May Be It's Best I Keep Away.
Pyaar, Pyaar Hai. Chahe Khushiyo Se Bhara Ho, Ya Gam Se. Pyaar Mein Khushi Ho Tho Sab Jeete Hain. Pyaar Mein Jeene Ka Maza Tho Tab Aata Hai Jab Pyaar Mein Gam Ho. Realy I Want To Live In Love With .........Sadness.........
Laakh Koshish Ki Tujhe Bhulane Ki, Tum Nazar K Saamne Rehte Ho. Kabhi Muskaan Ban Hoontho Pe Aate Ho, Kabhi Aansoo Ban Aankho Se Behte Ho.
When I Was Sad You Were Not Here, I Was All Broken But You Didn't Care, You Forgot That I Have Got Heart Too, Though It Was Always Busy Loving You..!!!
A Sad Lines By Broken Heart "They Say Follow Your Heart But When Your Heart Is In so Many Pieces, Which Way Are You To Follow?"
You Are The One Who Broke My Heart, You Are The Reason My World Fell Apart, You Are The One Who Made Me Cry, Yet I'm Still In Love With You 'N I Dont Know Why?
If You Don't Call Me All Day I'll Understand. When You Don't Text Me All Day I'll Understand. You Don’t Have Time To Spend With Me I’ll Understand When I Move On With My Life And Leave You In The Past I Hope You Understand.. !
After He Broke My Heart My Friends Asked, "How Many Reasons Do You Have To Still Love Him?" I Pointed To The Stars & Said "Start Counting."?
"Love Don't Cost A Thing" Except A Lot Of Tears, A Broken Heart, And Wasted Years..!!!
Nothing To Say, Nothing To Write, Nothing To Send, But I Believe That... You Will Listen ,Read ,’N Receive My Feelings In The Silence Too.. !
It's Easy To Convince Yourself You're Not In Love With Someone, Until You See That Person One Day And Then Your Damn Heart Whispers,"here We Go Again"
U Will Never Be Mine But I Still Love U. Cute Way TØ Express The LØve: "My Life did not begin with you.., But I wish my Life should end with youღღღ♥♥
I Give Up..not Because I've Stopped Caring. I M Just Tired Of Getting Hurt..
Har Phool Ki Ajab Kahani Hai, Chup Rehna Bhi Pyar Ki Nishani Hai, Kahi Koi Zakhm Nahi Phir Bhi Kyu Yeh Ehsas Hai, Lagta Hai Dil Ka Ek Tukda Aaj Bhi Us Ke Paas Hai.
Everyday, I Wait For A Text. :'( Everyday, I See You I Wait For A Hello. :'( Everyday, I Tell My Friends How Much I Adore You. :'( Everyday, I Find Myself Let Down. :'( But Everyday I Still Find Hope... :'(
The Tears In My Eyes Are Not Because I Lost You.. It's Because I Always Thought That You Belonged With Me.
Once In A Lifetime Someone Breaks Your Heart & If Yew Still Feel To Hold That Person With Every Broken Piece... That Amazing Pain Is Called .... True Love
Jab Dil Toota To Dost Ne Kaha. Chal Chod Jane De Yaar. Q Itna Sochata Hai Tu Uske Bare me? Maine Kaha... Dekha Nahi Tha Suraj K Bina Dhalta Hua Din Kabhi Jindagi Me...
A Million Words Would Not Bring You Back, I Know Because I've Tried, Neither Would A Million Tears, I Know I've Cried.
Wanting Him Is Hard To Forget, Loving Him Is Hard To Regret, Losing Him Is Hard To Accept, But Even With All The Hurt I've Felt, Letting Go Is The Most Painful Yet.
I Cried Today... Not Because I Miss You... Or Even Wanted You... But Because I Realized I'm Gonna Be All Right Without You.
I Made A Choice To Finally Let Go, Because I Can't Stand The Pain, It's Time For My Last Tear To Fall And Smile Again.
You Always Say You Hate To See Me Hurt, And You Hate To See Me Cry. So All Those Times That You Hurt Me, Did You Close Your Eyes?
Sad Isn't It? How No Matter What You Do Or Say To Me... When You Come Running Back... When You Need Me Again... I'll Be Here... Right Here Waiting For You, I'll Take You Back... No Questions Asked. Sad Isn't It?
So... From Now On... When You Think Of Me... Just Remember That I Could've Been The Best Thing You Ever Had.
You Hurt Me More Then I Deserve, How Can You Be So Cruel? I Love You More Then You Deserve, Why Am I Such A Fool?
You Wonder Why I Don't Talk To You Anymore And Please Believe Me When I Say It's Not That I Don't Want To, It's Just That Everything I Want To Say I Can't Tell You Anymore.
Kisi Ne Humse Kaha - Aapki Aankhein Badi Pyaari Lag Rahi Hain.. To Humne Kaha - Ki Baarish Ke Baad Mausam Akser Pyara Ho Hi Jaata Hai...!
Kehte Hain Bina "Mehnat" Ke Kuch Haasil Nahi Hota...! ¤ Ae'khuda ¤ Na Jaane Gum' Paane Ke Liye Humne Kaun Si "Mehnat" Ki Thi...!
Kisi Ne Hamse Pucha Cigrate Kya Hai, Log Ise Kyo Pite H, Kya Ye Pyaas Bujhati H, Palat Kar Hamne Kaha… Dil Me Ek Bewafa Ki Tasvir Hai, Ye Dhire-Dhire Use Jalati Hai..!!
She Wanted To Leave... She Left... I Had To Loose... I Lost... The Difference Is, She Just Lost A Moment Of Life.. And In That Moment I Lost My Whole Life...!!!
I May Not Be The Most Important Person In Your Life But I Just Hope That One Day When U Hear My Name U Would Just Smile & Say "I Miss This Person"...!!!
I Can Hide The Pain That I Feel And Make Others Think That I Can Move On. But I Can Never Denythe Truth That The Person Who Failed And Hurt Me, Is Still The Same Person I Wish To Love Me..:(
She Said I Am Cheater, I Remained Quiet..=( She Said I Have No Heart, I Remained Quiet..=( She Said I Have Ego Problem, I Remained Quiet..=( She Said Its All Over Now, I Remained Quiet..=( As She Was Leaving, I Noticed Something, But Remained Quiet..=( Her Eyes Were Full Of Tears.., I Hugged Her, Kissed Her Lips.., But Remained Quiet..?
Touchy Lines By A Lover. "I Love My Shadow A Lot. Bcoz Atleast It Was With Me When Iam Left Lonely By The One Whom I Actually Loved A Lotttt.
Unbeatable Lines: "I Strongly Feel That, I Have Enough Hearts Who Care For Me, But Many Times Life Prove That, It's Just My Imagination
Dil Or Taro Mein Sirf Ek Fark Hai, Taare Tut Kar Logo Ki Khawaish Puri Kar Jaate Hai, Aur Log Apni, Khwaish Puri Karne Ke Liye Dil Tod Jate Hai.
Jab Kuch Sapne Adhure Reh Jate Hain, Tab Dil Ke Dard Aansu Ban Jate Hain, Jo Kehte Ki Hum Sirf Aap Ke Hain, Pata Nahi Kaise Alvida Keh Jate Hain.
I Want To Forget All The Times When We Were Together, Not Because I Don’t Love U Anymore, Because It Hurts Too Much To Remember :(
Awesome Lines By A Broken Heart “I Was Not Always Heartless But After You Broke My Heart I Start Using My Heart – Less ….”
It's Amazing How Someone Can Break Your Heart; But You Still Love Them With All The Little Pieces.
I Wish I Could Give You My Pain For Moment, Not To Hurt You, But To Make Understand How Much It Hurts To Be Left Alone By You...
I Know You'll Never Love Me, And I Don't Know Why??? I Know You'll Never Think Of Me, Itz Makes Me Want To Cry !!! Buh I Do Know That I'll Love You, Each And Every Day !!! As Long As Your Happy ... In This Sad World I'll Be Happy Too Even Through I'm A Lonely Girl ...!!
I’m Not Angry That I Lost You, I’m Sad Because I Once Had You.. I’m Not Angry That I Can’t Have You, I’m Sad Because I Know What I’m Missing.. I’m Not Angry That You’ve Moved On, I’m Sad Because I Can’t Walk Wid U.♥
No One Understands The Silence Between My Words, No One Understands The Sadness Behind My Smile, No One Understands The Unsaid Feelings Of Mine, They Think I Am Fine But Only I Know Daily I Am Dying :'( I Want To Be Happy Again, I Want To Live Those Moments Again, I Am Sick Of Wearing A Fake Smile. I Am Waiting For The One Who Can Really Make Me Smile.. :):):)