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December SMS

Before 31st December Ends, Toss The Last Year’s Failures Into The Shelves Of The Past And Embrace The Next Year That Expects For Your Warm Welcome. The End Of The Year Opens Another New Beginning For You.
All The Way Through The Coming December Let Your Life Be Packed With Entire Celebration Of Cheerfulness Wish You A Vivid, Joyful And Wealthy Happy December With The Blessings Of God!
December Is The Fantastic Month Of The Year To Take Care Of To Pray For To Grin To Have Fun And To Thank God For Everything He Offered. So Happy December Of The Year To All!
Success, Happiness, And Packed With Harmony, Hope And Togetherness Of Your Friends And Family Wish You A Grand, Wealthy, Heavenly, And Healthy Wish You A Brilliant, Wonderful, Mind Blowing, Brisk Wishing You A Cheerful December!
The Leaves Of The Tree Have All Bowed Brow, And All The Flora And Fauna Of Summer Are Close Up To Go Away From The Town And Hence It Goes Away The Ice Takes The Final Rose And All The Meadows Will Be Ice-Covered Soon The Hills Will Soon Witness Winter Snows.
The Emperor Of Winter The Sign Of Mourning The Last Part Of A Year The Commencement Of Fine Hope Wish You A Cheerful And Prosperous December.
Now That December Is Here, The New Year Is Only A Stone Throw Away. May The Joy That Comes With Ending This Year Stay With You Throughout The New Year, Have A Blessed New Month And Year.
Bheegy Mosam Ki Bheegi Si Raat Bheegi Si Yaad, Bhuli Hui Baat Bhula Hua Waqt, Wo Bheegi So Aankhai’n Wo Beeta Hua Saath Mubarak Ho Aap Ko December Ki Pehli Subha Welcome December.
As We Exit The Year, We Surely Have Enough To Be Thankful For December Reminds Us That It Has Not Been Easy But Through It All We Made It And Now Have Another Chance To Start A Fresh.
The Lord Has Been So Good To Us, We Will Be Together With Our Loved Ones After A Long Eleven Months, He Has Given Us Health, Wealth And Strength And We Pray That Things Only Get Better.
Make The Best Use Of December And Be A Blessing To Someone’s Life, This Month Is Not Only About Merry Making, But Also Touching A Needy Person’s Heart, Remember The Poor As You Celebrate.
December Is Not Complete Without Christmas And All The Gifts Accompanied By Merry Making And Eating Like Never Before, During This Month, May God Watch Over You And Protect You As You Plan To Do All Those Crazy Things.