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Earth Day SMS

We Don’t Inherit, The Earth From Our Ancestors, We Borrow It From Our Childrens Happy Earth Day To All.
Humanity Is On The March, Earth Itself Is Left Behind, Save And Care Earth. Happy Earth Day.
The Earth Is A Liberal Mother, She Will Provide In Plentiful Multiplicity Food For All Her Children If They Will But Cultivate Her Soil In Justice And In Peace. Happy Earth Day!
If We Use Up Everything Today, What Will Be Left For Us Tomorrow? What Will Help Us Adapt And Survive The Changes On Earth? Well, Today Is Not Too Late Yet To Do Our Part. Take That Little Step To Save What Is Left Of Earth One By One.
Agar Hum Apni Ma Ko Nahi Bhul Sakte, To Hame Prithvi Ma Ko Bhi Nahi Bhulna Chahiye, Aao Milkar Use Tabah Hone Se Bachaye Happy Earth Day.
Its Earth Day And I Want Wish To Say Save The Planet, Change Your Way Make Sure You Bein Today Or All This Happiness Will Fade Away Happy Earth Day.
Earth Does Not Belong To Us, We Belong To The Earth. Take Care Of The Mother Nature She Has Given Us Birth. Happy Earth Day. Save Earth, Live Better.
Today Is Your Chance To Think And Beware Save Our Earth And Your Kids Will Have A Piece Of Land To Grow Up And Share Happy Earths Day.
People Everywhere Breathe The Same Air, Share The Same Seas, Live Together On The Land. People Everywhere Who Learn, Plan, Work, Care, Can Save The Earth. Happy Earth Day!
Mother Earth Is Highly Worth. Plant Trees, Make Garden And Prove That You Care For Mother Earth. Happy Earth Day.