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Friendship Day SMS

The " Relation" Between "One Heart" + "Another Heart" Is Called "Love" But The Relation Between "Heart" + " Heart Beat" Called "FrieNdship" .... .... .. .. .. """Happy Friendshipday"" "
When U Win, I Ll Proudly Tell World "Hey! Tats My Friend..!" But When U Lose, I Ll Sit By Ur Side, Hold Ur Hand N Say, "Hey Im Ur Friend.! "Happy Friendship Day
दोस्ती का दिन मुबारक ... "बात करो रुंठे यारो से, सन्नाटे से डर जाते हैं , इश्क अकेला जी सकता है, दोस्त अकेले मर जाते हैं..."
"Tears of EYES are Valuable" "Speech of LIPS are Powerful" "Heart With LOVE is Beautiful" "Life with FRIENDS is Most Wonderful".. !! !!Happpy friendship day!!
Friendships Is Like Wine: It Gets Better As It Grows Older.just Like Us.i Get Better U Get Older Happy Friendship Day
In 1935 American Govt. Had Killed A Person On 1st Saturday Of Aug. The Next Day His Frnd Died Committing Sucide. in His Memory American Govt. Had Declar 1st Sunday Of Every Aug. As Frndship Day On This 78th Frndship Day I Wish U 2 Send Dis Story All Ur Frnd.
A Deep Friendship Is Like A Rainbow When The Perfect Amounts Of Happiness & Tears Are Mixed, The Result Is A Colorful Bridge Between Two Hearts. Happy Friendship Day
No Distance Of Place Or Lapse Of Time Can Lessen The Friendship Of Those Who Are Thoroughly Persuaded Each Others Worth ... :) Happy Friendship Day
The Who Can Sense Your Sadness In Your Smile, Can Hear Your Words In Your Silence Can Feel Your Love In Your Anger, Trust Them Because They Are Indeed Your Real Friends. Happy Friendship Day
It's Sweet If Ur Frnd Finds Time To Say 'Hi' Behind His Busy Schedule.. But Its Sweeter If He Could Find Time To Surprise U Wen U Least Expect It. Happy Friendship Day
Dunia Me Agar Kabhi B Apki Jeet Hogi To Hum Garv Se Kahenge. That's My Friend. Agar Aap Hare To Apka Hath Pakad Ke Kahenge, I M Ur Friend.. Happy Friendship Day.
Ek Sacha Dost Wahi He Jo Apka Pahla Ansu Ponch Le Dusra Ansu Rok Le Or Agar Tisra Ansu Aya To Jor Se Thappad Mare Or Kahe Le Ab Khul K Ro Le Happy Friendship Day
Look Outside Its So Pleasant! Sun Smiling 4 U! Trees Dancing 4 U! Birds Singing 4 U! Because, I Asked Them All 2 Wish You "A Happy Friendship Day"
FRIENDSHIP Is A Sim, Which Has No Activation Charges. Free Incoming And Outgoing With Roaming All Over The World And It’s Validity "Never Ends" Happy Friendship Day.
A Lovely Star Dropped On Earth One Night. Asked Me U Want A Million Dollar Or A Good Friend? I Choosen To Have Million Dollars. Because I Already Have You. Happy Friendship Day.
Dear Friend, Friendship Is Beautiful Like A Rose And Intense Like A Perfume, Don’t Let It Fly Away As Its Colourful Like A Butterfly. Happy Friendship Day!
You Are Huggable, You Are Loveable, You Are Sweet, You Are Cute, You Are My Best Friend, I Love You! Happy Friendship Day!
Take My Chocolates, Take My Teddy Bears, Take My Ice Creams, But Oh God! Please Do Not Take Someone Like You Away From Me, Need You Always, Happy Friendship Day!
I Confess I Am Not The Wonderful Friend. I Am Not Always There For You. At Times, I Might Not Make You Smile, All In All, I Admit That I Will Be The Person You Will Lean Your Shoulder To As A Friend. Happy Friendship Day!
On This Special Occasion, Let Me Tell U How Much I Love & Miss You. Please Cum Back Soon. I’d Love To Re live The Good Old Days Again. Till Then, Here’s To Your Health And Happiness. Happy Friendship Day
Ek Sms Roz, Keep The Friends Close. Ek Din Main Paanch, Dosti Pe Na Aanye Aanch. Ek Din Mein Das, Mile Dosti Ka Ras. Ek Din Mein Bees, Yaar Tang Mat Kar Piz.
Wen I Was Born God Said "Oh No! Biggest Idoit" Wen U Were Born God Said "Aaila Competition" Who Knew Dat 1 Day These 2 Idoits Would Become "Friends".
If You Need Advice, Text Me.. If You Need A Friend, Call Me.. If You Need Me, Come To Me... If You Need Money.. Subscriber Cannot Be Reached! Happy Friendship Day!
God Is So Wise, He Didn't Create Friends With Price Tags Because If He Did, I Couldn't Afford You!!! Happy Friendship Day!
I Dnt Think That There Is Word To Define Our Friendship. Its All About Heart 2 Heart Nt Word 2 Word, u Knew I Need U & U Need Me, Thats All. Happy Friendship Day
Aapki Dosti Hamare Suro Ka Saaz Hai, Aap Jese Dost Par Humhe Naaz Hai, Chahe Kuch Bhi Ho Jaye Zindgi Me, Wada Hai Dost, Humhari Dosti VesiHi Rahegi Jesi Aaj Hai. Happy Friendship Day.
Dil Lagi Dosto Ke Naam Hoti Hai Dill Dari Dosto Ki Shaan Hoti Hai Kahi Bhi Raho Par Rahoge Dil Me Mere Yahi Sachch Dosti Ki Pehchaan Hoti Hai. Happy Friendship Day.
Friendship Is A Personal Relationship Shared Between Each Friend For The Welfare Of Other, In Other Words, It Is The Relationship Of Trust, Faith And Concern For Each Other Feelings. Happy Friendship Day.
My Friendship Means A Little Heart That Never Hates, A Cute Smile That Never Fades, A Smooth Touch That Never Shakes & A Strong Relationship That Never Breaks. Happy Friendship Day
I M Not Shakespeare To Write About You. I M Not Shelley To Sing For U. I M Not Picasso To Paint U. I M Your Friend Who Just Want To Say I M Always With U. Happy Friendship Day
Friendship Doesn’t Occur With Special People But People Become Special After Being Friends. I Don’t Know What I’m To U But U’ll Always Be Special For Me. Happy Friendship Day.
Few People R Like Rainbow In Your Life, Who Fill Your Life With Colors, I’m Very Lucky To Have U As My Rainbow Friend Always Fill My Life With Your Love And Care.
()” “() ()” “() ( ‘ :’) (‘; ‘ ) ,/) ¤ )\,,/) )\, ¿, ,¿, ,¿, ,¿ . .U & Me. . FRIENDS FOREVER
If 2 Hearts R Meant 2 B Friends, No Matter How Long It Takes, How Far They Go, How Tough It Seems, Fate Will Bring Them Together, 2 Share FRIENDSHIP 4 EVER. Happy Friendshi Day.
We Have Known Each Other By Chance, Became Friends By Choice, Still Friends By Decision, And When We Say Friends Forever, Thats Definitely A Lifetime Promise. Happy Friendship Day.
Unredtsanding Btewene Ecah Ohter Is Rael Fierndsihp Eevn We Hvae So Mnay Msitkase Lkie Htis Msseaeg, Btu I Konw U Cna Raed Wtihotu Erorr. That’s Friendship.:)
When Ur Down, I’ll Be There To Cheer U Up. When Ur Tired, I’ll Be There To Lift U Up. I’ll Be Ur Friend No Matter What. Happy Friendship Day.
Time & Distance Are Important Between Friends. When A Friend Is In Ur Heart, They Remain There Forever. I May Be Busy, But I Assure U, U Are Always In My Heart Happy Friendship Day.
Do U Ever Recall The First Day We Met? R First Hello? The Day We Became Friends? Well, I Do And I Will Always Remember. For That Very Day, I Knew I’d Cherish You. Happy Friendship Day
50 Years From Now, I’d Be So Old I Might Forget U. I Might Not Remember Ever Knowing U, Or Might Forget I Once Cared For U. I Might…. But I Won’t Happy Friendship Day
A Single Candle Can Illuminate An Entire Room. A True Friend Lights U An Entire Lifetime. Thanks For The Bright Lights Of Ur Friendship Happy Friendship Day.
What Is A Friend? She Looks Out 4 U, Inspires U, Laughs With U, Cries With U, Understands U, Guides U And Walks With U. That’s What A Friend Is ..U Happy Friendship Day.
How Long Shall V B Friends.? Do U Want A Clue.? As Long As Stars Twinkle In The Sky, Till The Water Runs Dry & Till The Day I Die. We Will B Friends Happy Friendship Day
Have A Heart That Never Hardens Have A Smile That Never Fades Have A Touch That Never Burnt And Have Friendship That Never Breaks Happy Friendship Day.
The Recipe Of Friendship: 1 Cup Of Sharing.. 2 Cups Of Caring.. 3 Cups Of Forgiveness & Hugs.. Mixx All These Together To Make Friends 4 Ever.. Happy Friendship Day.
True Friends Are Forever, They Are Really Difficult To Find, They Are Most Difficult To Leave And Go, And They Are Truly Hard To Forget, So, Cheers To Our Friendship Happy Friendship Day!
Friendship Is A Collection Of Hearts, Ready 2 Give, Share And Understand. It Never Fades & Never Ends. It Only Reminds Us That Life Is, Not Perfect Without A Friend. Happy Friendship Day
Strange But True. Keep The Lamp Of Friendship Burning With Oil Of Love. Because Sun Rises In East & Sets In West. But Friendship Rises In Heart & Sets Only After Death. Happy Friendship Day Dear.
Sudama Ne Krishna Ji Se Pucha Ki Dosti Ka Asli Mtlb Kya Hota Hai? Krishna Ji Ne Has Kar Kaha Jaha Mtlb Hota Hai Waha Dosti Kaha Hoti Hai. Happy Frindship Day.
Es Msg Ko Unko Send Karo Jinko Ap Sbse Pehle Friendshp Day Wish Krna Chahte He Mene To Kar Diya "U R Best Friend Of My Life" Muje Bhi Krna Agar Me Hu :-)