• तुम जिंदगी की वो कमी हो..

    जो जिंदगी भर रहेगी....!!

  • सारी दुनिया की खुशी अपनी जगह …,

    उन सबके बीच तेरी कमी अपनी जगह …..!

  • सोचते हैं जान अपनी उसे मुफ्त ही दे दें,

    इतने मासूम खरीदार से क्या लेना देना..!



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Every Lady Hopes That Her Daughter Will Marry A Better Man Than She Did And Is Convinced That Her Son Will Never Find A Wife As Good As His Father Did.
A Man Was Granted 2 Wishes By God, He Asked For The Best Drink And The Best Woman Ever. Next Moment, He Got Mineral Water And Mother Teresa. Moral: Be Specific!
1. Do You Feel Lazy To Get Up Early In The Morning? 2. Does A Book Work As A Sleeping Pill? 3. Attend Classes Only For Attendance? 4. See The Calendar For Holidays? 5. Cell In Place Of A Pen? If The All Above Is Happening With U Congratulations ! U R A Perfect Student;-) :D So Dont Worry, Be Happy :) Just Chant The Mantra:- "Kal Se Pakka Padhunga :-P :-P"
Being "In A Relationship" And Being "In The "Hospital" Is All The Same... Everyone Asks: "Serious Hai Kya" ?=P
Awesum Fact. Colleges And School Ko Log "Swarg" Bolte He. Hmmm. Tabhi Toh Bujurg Log Kehete Hai Ke Jodiya Swarg Me Banti Hai.
A Sweet Relationship Is That When.. Teri Meri Banti Nahi .. ^_^ Par Tere Bina Chalti Bhi Nahi..!
My Lyf Has Alwys Taught Me 1 Grt Lesson Which Shud B Kept In Mind 4 Entire Lyf . . . . . . . . . . Maggi Can Nvr B Made In 2 Mnutes Kachhi Reh Jati H Maza Nhi Aata...;)
Nice Lines: Love Is Like A Sweet Dream.. And, Marriage Is An Alarm Clock.. So Enjoy Sweet Dreams Until Ur Alarm Wakes U Up..!
Must Remember Before Getting Married:- Marriages Maybe Made In Heaven.. But, Maintainance Charges Are Paid On Earth..!"
Why Do We All Marry..? Bcoz, Romance Is Not The Only Element Of Life.. We Should Know Horror, Terror, Suspense And Tragedy Also..!
Exams Should Be Given On Either Facebook Or On Phone, Instead Of Sheets.. Bcoz, Todays Student Have More Typing Speed Than Writing Speed..!
Newtons 4th Law: Performance Of Boys In The Exams Decreases.. As The Number Of Girls In The Exam Hall Increases..!
1 Juth Aapki Zindgi Ke 5 Min Kam Kar Deta Hai, Aur . . 1 Muskurahat Aapki Zindgi Ke 10 Min Badha Deti Hai, . Moral: Haste Haste Juth Bolo To Bhi 5 Min Ka Faayda Hai..
Best Slogan On A Man's T-Shirt: Please Do Not Disturb Me, I Am Married And Already Very Disturbed!
Have U Ever Heard About The Device That Converts Ur Precious Thoughts Into Speech..? "Its Called WINE" Have U Ever Heard About The Device That Converts Ur Precious Speech Into Silence..? "Its Called WIFE"