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Good Luck SMS

Things Can Be Tough, Times Can Be Rough, But If You Work Hard Enough, You Will Eventually Achieve Triumph! Good Luck My Friend Good Luck.
Work Hard And You Will Surely Achieve Success, Don’t Compare Yourself To Others, Just Do Your Best, Work Towards Your Goals And Leave The Rest, If You Are Ambitious About What You Want, Then You Will Surely Pass The Test! Good Luck!
I Am Wishing You Good Luck, But It Does Not Mean That I Think You Might Win. It’s My Way So Saying, I Bet You Will Win!
As You March Towards Mission, I Wish For Your Victory, As You Plunge Into A Deep Trance Of Hard Work, May You Finish Successfully Good Luck.
May Today You Be Calm And Happy, May All Turn The Way You Want It To Be, I Know You Will Make It, Trust The Positive Feeling, And Never Stop Believing Wish You Best Of Luck.
Loosing Is Better Than Quitting, If Constant Struggle Is A Pain, Then Quitting Is A Curse, Forget About Quitting, Think About Winning Good Luck All The Best.
You Are Strong, Attractive And Smart, There Is Nothing You Cannot Do, You Do Perfect Everything You Start, Now Again You Will Come Through, Play The Game The Way You Want To Play, You Will Make It, Good Luck.!
The Sun Is Rising Up To Tell You Hi, The Day Is Coming Specially For You, The Birds Started Flying In The Sky, To Sing And Be There For You Too, I Am Texting You To Do The Same, Wish You Best Of Luck.
You Will Succeed, Courage Is All You Need, Strengthen Your Heart, Just Take A Start, I Am Sending A Truck, Full Of Good Luck.
Angels East, Angels West, Bless Da Person Who Reads This Sms, May Guide Her To Rest And When He Wakes Tomoro May Perform His Best!
Every Sunset Gives Us One Day Less To Live! But Every Sunrise Give Us One Day More To Hope So, Hope For The Best Good Day & Good Luck!
Trusting God Won’t Make The Mountain Smaller But It Will Make Climbing Easier Hope You Will Be Able To Climb All Your Mountains Always Good Luck.
Don’t Expect Anything From Life, Expectations Hurt. When You Don’t Expect, Every Moment Is A Surprise & Surprise Brings Happiness With It. Goodd Luck.
Care For The One Who Shares With U, Share With The One Who Knows U, Know The One Who Misses U, Miss The One Who Well Wishes For U, Wish U A Very Good Luck!
Live With No Excuses And Love With No Regrets. When Life Gives You A 100 Reasons To Cry, Show Life That You Have A Thousands Reasons To Smile. Good Luck.!
The Candle Of Hope Is The Source Of Light For Success In Life So Don’t Loose It. Failures Try To Blow It Out But Try To Guard It With Both Your Hands. Good Luck.