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Halloween SMS

On Hallowe'en The Thing You Must Do, Is Pretend That Nothing Can Frighten You, And If Somethin' Scares You And You Want To Run Just Let On Like It's Hallowe'en Fun.
May The Light Dat We Celebrate At Halloween, Show Us The Way & Lead Us Together On The Path Of Peace & Social Harmony Wish You A Happy Halloween!
Wishing Each One Of You A Very Happy And Prosperous Halloween, May This Year Brings You Lots And Lots Of Happiness In Life And Fulfill All Your Dreams.
Happy Halloween All The Fireworks Light Up The Sky Lets Go Trick Or Treating One By One We Knock On The Door Everyone Gives Us Sweets Everyone Has A Good Time Now Its Time To Have A Party.
Fortunate Is The One Who Has Learned To Admire, But Not To Envy, Good Wishes For A Joyous Halloween & A Happy New Year With A Plenty Of Peace & Prosperity.
Long Live The Tradition Of Culture & As The Generations Have Passed By The Culture Is Getting Stronger & Stronger Lets Keep It Up. Wish You & Everyone Wishes For Halloween.
This Halloween I Wish That All Your Hard Work On Tricking And Treating Wins You Lots And Lots Of Candies. May You Look Scarier Than Ever Happy Halloween.
Tonight Is The Night When You'll Experience The Fright, So, Don't Be Amused Or Scared. Just Be Prepared For It's The Halloween Night, Wish You Happy Halloween.
May You Enjoy Halloween With Spooky Sights And Frightful Delights. Have A Spooktacular Halloween! Enjoy Your Night.
O Time, When You Turn Backward, In Your Flight Make Us Kids Again Just For The Halloween Night! Have A Fun filled Halloween Celebration! Happy Halloween.
Just Like A Ghost, You've Been A haunting My Dreams, So I'll Propose On Halloween, Love Is Kinda Crazy With A Spooky Little Girl Like You, Love You.
Just Like A Ghost, You've Been A Haunting My Dreams, So I'll Propose On Halloween. Love Is Kinda Crazy With A Spooky Little Girl Like You.
This The Night, Of The Grave’s Delight, And The Warlocks Are At Their Play, Ye Think That Without The Wild Winds Shout, But No, It Is They It Is They. Happy Halloween To You Friend.
You Wouldn’t Believe On All Hallow Eve What Lots Of Fun We Can Make, With Apples To Bob, And Nuts On The Hob, And A Ring And Thimble Cake.
On Halloween The Thing You Must Do Is Pretend That Nothing Can Frighten You And If Something Scares You And You Want To Run Just Let On Like Its Halloween Fun.
A Gypsy Fire Is On The Hearth, Sign Of The Carnival Of Mirth, Through The Dun Fields And From The Glade Flash Merry Folk In Masquerade, For This Is Halloween!
No Need To Do Anything For Halloween Just Remove The Makeup And Go To The Party I Am Sure Everybody Will Get Afraid Happy Halloween.
To Drink The Blood And Relish Warm Flesh Come Out My Ghost Without Dread Or Fright To The Graveyard No 13 On This Very Halloween Night.
How Like A Queen Comes Forth The Lonely Moon From The Slow Opening Curtains Of The Clouds Walking In Beauty To Her Midnight Throne! Happy Halloween.