• तुम जिंदगी की वो कमी हो..

    जो जिंदगी भर रहेगी....!!

  • सारी दुनिया की खुशी अपनी जगह …,

    उन सबके बीच तेरी कमी अपनी जगह …..!

  • सोचते हैं जान अपनी उसे मुफ्त ही दे दें,

    इतने मासूम खरीदार से क्या लेना देना..!



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Have A Nice Day SMS

Keep Ur Thought +Ve Bcoz They Bcum Ur Words, Keep Ur Words +Ve Bcoz They Bcum Ur Action, Keep Ur Action +Ve Bcoz They Bcum Ur Destiny, Have A Nice Day..
Every Mind Like Celebrations. It Gives More Pleasure. And Memorable Moments. Today Is One Of That Day. So Enjoy It And Feel The Moments. Have A Nice Day
Forgetting U Is A Crime Ignoring U Is A Sin Remembering U Is My Pleasure Thinking About U Is My Habit And Wishing U Is My Duty Have A Nice Day.
Every Day May Not Be Good But There Will Be Something Good In Every Day. So Have A Good Day
Hey!i Knew You Will Be Here Today I'm So Glad, Your My Best Friend.... So Just Show Me A Smile And Have A Nice Day!
May U Find Hundreds Of Reasons To Smile Today And May U Be The Reason For Someone Else To Smile Always...!! Have A Nice Day...!!!
Confidence Comes Naturally With Success But, Success Comes Only, Who Are Confident So, Begin Ur Day With Great Confidence. Have A Nice Day.
"So Many People Can Be Responsible 4 Your Success. But Only "U" Are Responsible 4 Your Failure" Good Morning Have A Nice Day
Good Morning Just For You Must For You First For You Nothing To Wish Nothing 2 Say Always Be Happy Its My Pray Have A Nice Day:-)
Hey Sleeping Bird! Come Back From The Dreams New Day Has Been Started Welcome To Another Lovely Morning Have A Nice Day.
The Pain Of Missing Someone Is Turn To Pleasure If We Knew They Are Also Missing You Too... Have A Nice Day!
(-') Smiling (!.!) Crying (') Angry (:') Bored (.') Proud (O') Hungry (?') Confuse (-.-) Sleepy I Like To Accompany You In Every Mood :-) Good Day!
Shining Like A Diamond, Rolling With The Dice, Standing On The Ledge, I'll Show The Wind How To Fly. When The World Gets In My Face, I Say, Have A Nice Day. Have A Nice Day-ay-ay
A Sweeter Smile, A Brighter Day, Hope Everything Turns Out Great For You Today Have A Nice Day.
Kiss Is Purely Organic And Naturally Sweet, Has No Artificial Ingredients And Is 100 Wholesome. Heres One For You. Mmwaaah! Have A Nice Day!.
Life Is A Great Travel Trip, Problem Is That It Doesn't Come With A Map. We've To Search Our Own Ways To Reach The Destinations. Have A Very Nice Day!!
I Wish You To Have A Nice Day Because Your Good Day Will Also Influence Others To Have A Nice Day!
As Butterflies Open Their Wings, To Meet The Coming Of A New Day. May The Angels Do The Same, And Carry You On Their Wings... To Keep You Safe Throughout The Day. Have A NIce Day
Always Ask God Always Ask God To Give U Wht U Deserve N Not What U Desire. Ur Desires May Be Few But U Deserves A Lot. Have A Great Day!
Rose Is Famous 4 Grace Advocate Is Famous 4 His Case Horses R Famous 4 Race But U R Famous 4 Smile On Ur Face! Have A Nice Day
Yesterday Is History.. Tomorrow Is A Mystery.. Today Is A Gift.. That's Why Its Called The Present! Have A Nice Day
May God Stay With You Today, And Give You Peace Of Mind. May He Give You A Happy Heart And His Love All The Time. Have A Nice Day!
Hi, Now I Am Coming To Meet U In The Way Of Sun Light In The Way Of Sweet Breeze In The Way Of Good Wishes Just To Say Have A Nice Day Ahead
Morning Greetings Does Not Only Mean Saying Good Morning. It Has A Silent Message Saying. I Remember You, When I Wake Up. Have A Nice Day.
Between A Thousand Yesterdays & A Million Tomorrows There Is Only One Today So Dont Let It Go To Waste. have A Beautiful Day.... Good Morning.
I Hope That U’ll Have A Great Day & That U’ll Be Surrounded By Ur Loved 1s. May All Ur Wishes Come True & That U’ll Always Be Happy. The Eyes R The Mirror Of Ur Soul & The Most Essential Things In Life R Only Visible Through Ur Heart & I Know That Ur Soul & Ur Heart, Reflect How Special U Re
Wishing U A Lovely And Lively Magical Morning Followed Byamazing Afternoon And Excellent Evening And Nice Night. Overall Have A Greatday.
A Message 2 Start Ur Day A Prayer 2 Bless Ur Way A Cheer 2 Perfect Ur Day & A Moment 2 Say Take Care & Hv A Nice Day
"Welcome To The Fresh Morning" With A "Smile" On Ur "Face", "Love" In Ur "Heart" "Good Thoughts"in Ur "Mind" U Will Have A Wonderful Day
S - Sweet Felowship With Christ. U - Under The Shadow Of The Almighty. N - No Evil Shall Near You. D - Day After Day U Shall Be A Success. A - All Your Wishes Shall Come To Stay. Y - Your Are Favoured In Jesus Name. Happy Sunday...
In A Day When You Don't Come Across Any Problems...!! Then You Can Be Sure That You Are Traveling In A Wrong Path...!! "Have A Nice Day"
Heartly Welcome To Cool Morning, Happy Welcome To Fresh Morning, Great Welcome To New Morning, Lovely Welcome To Nice Morning, I Wish You Good Morning. Have A Nice Day..
Very Good Morning Just For You Must For You First For You Nothing To Wish Nothing To Say Always Be Happy Its My Pray Have A Nice Day
Smile Is Electricity And Life Is Battery. Whenever You Smile The Battery Gets Charged And A Beautiful Day Is Activated. So Keep Smiling. Have A Great Day
I Want To Be The Reason Why You Smile Every Morning, I Want To Be The Reason For The Happiness In Your Heart, The Spring In Your Step And The Song On Your Lips. Have A Great Day Ahead!
A New Day Is A New Blessing. Dont Let Yesterday’s Failures Ruin The Beauty Of Today. Today Has Its Own Promise Of Love, Forgiveness, Joy & Success. Enjoy It.
Sweet Day Sweet Morning Sweet Hopes Sweet Plans Sweet Efforts Sweet Success Sweet Feeling Wish You A Sweet And Successful Day..! Good Morning Have A Nice Day
Let Wind Blow Away Ur Sadness Let Rain Wash Away Ur Worries Let Sun Bring U Warmth Let D New Day Bring U Hope & Happiness Keep Smiling Have A Nice Day.
Whatever Happens To Ur Day Just Relax & Manage To Make A Smile Life Is Not A Problem To Be Solved But A Gift To Be Enjoyed Make Everyday Your Best Day Have A Nice Day.
When You Want To Enjoy Life, Think Today As Your Life's First Day. When You Want To Achieve Something In Life, Think Today As Your Life's Last Day. Have A Great Day!
Every Sunset Gives Us One Day Less To Live! But Every Sunrise Give Us, One Day More To Hope! So,hope For The Best. Good Day & Good Luck!
The Sun Rises Into The Sky With The Warmest Smile, He Wishes You A Good Morning, Hoping That You Have The Perfect Day. Take Care & Miss You Enjoy The Day.