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Life Saying SMS

PLEASE READ SLOWLY. IT'S VERY IMPORTANT: If you have Food in your fridge, Clothes on your body A roof over your head and A place 2 sleep U r richer than 75% of the entire world. If you have money in your wallet A little change And Can go anywhere you want U are among the top 18% of the worlds wealthy people. If you alive today with more health than illness, U are more blessed than the million people who will not survive this week and die.
Some battles have to be fought alone, Some paths have to be crossed alone, So never be emotionally attached with someone, You never know when u have to walk alone.
Sometimes you hurt yourself more than anyone could hurt you, Only for keeping your feelings hidden.. :(
A Butterfly Lives 4 only 14 days, But Stil It Flys Joyful Capturing Many Hearts Each Moment In Life Is Precious. BE HAPPY & Keep WINNING HEARTS
Life Spent With Someone For A Lifetime May Be Meaningless, But A Few Moments Spent With Someone, Who Really Loves You Means More Than A Life Itself..
Everything's falling apart.. It hurts but I know it's happening for a reason.. And at the end of the day, I know something better is coming..
Never Take Some One For Granted, Hold Every Person Close To Your Heart Because You Might Wake Up One Day, And Realise That You Have Lost A Diamond While You Were Too Busy Collecting Stones. "Remember This Always In Life".
Beauty is nothing if you have a rotten attitudeand personality. It's like a book with a good cover but with a senseless story !!
Life is Like a piano, its depends on you, How you play it.
The Most Painful Moment, When Someone You Know Becomes Someone You Knew...
Sometimes, We Have To Fight For What We Love And Care About. Other Times, We Have To Find The Strength To Let Go Of The Things We Love Most...
Relationships Last Long Because Two People Made A Choice. The Decision To Keep It, To Fight For It, And To Work Hard For It.
Life Is a Drawing Without 'Eraser' So draw it carefully. :D
If U Don't Act Naugty While You Are Young.. You Won't Have Anything To Smile About, When You Will Older... :-)
It Doesn't Make Sense To Let Go Of Something , You Have Wanted For So Long, But It Also Doesn't Make Sense To Hold On When There's Nothing There. Never Lose Yourself While Trying To Hold On To Someone Who Doesn't Care About Losing You.
Its Sad But True That People Change With Time :'( And When The People We Luv Changes..that.. ..Hurts A Lot
Don't Lose Yourself In An Attempt To Hold On To Someone Who Doesn't Care About Losing You...
One Of D Gr8 Lesson That I Got From My Life: There Is No Market For Your Emotions. So Never Advertise Of Your Feelings, Just Display Your Attitude.
Lamho Ki Ek Kitab H Zindagi..... ....Sansoo Aur Khayalo Ka ..Hisab H Zindagi.... .....Kuch Zarurate Puri Kuch Khawahishe Adhuri...... .....Bus Inhi Sawalon Ka Jawab H Zindagi.....!
Don't Look For Someone Who Will Solve All Your Problems, Look For Someone Who Will Face Them With You .
Time And Relations Don’t Come With A Price Tag. But When We Lose Them, We Realize The Cost…
Admit It, When You're Crying, And Someone Hugs You, It Makes You Cry Even More..
If Someone Waits For U.. It Doesn't Mean That.. They Have Nothing Else To Do.. It Just Mean.. That Nothing Else Is.. More Important Than U .. !!
You Can't Have A Relationship Widout Fight, But You Can Make Your Relationship Wroth The Fight.
Sumtimes You Just Hav To Erase The Messages, Delete The Number And Move On. You Don't Have To Forget Who That Person Was To You, Only Accept That They Aren't That Person Anymore.
Sumtimes, We Put Up Walls, Not To People Out, But To See Who Cares Enough To Khock Them Down.
If U Want Smthng Which U Never Had B4, u'll Have To Do Smthng Which U Hve Never Done B4.
Understanding Smalls Things Is Definitely An Indication Of Maturity But Once You Start Understanding Small Things It Might Result In Increased Stress And Tension Level, So Even If I Realize That There Is Something Small Going On, Still I Would Choose To Ignore That.
Try Iz A Small Words Dat Can Make A Big Difference If We Try, We Only Risk Failure Bt If We Dnt Try, We Will Ensure Failure.
If U R Beautiful That's A Gift Frm Parents Bt If U Make Ur lyf Beautiful Thats A Gift 4 Ur Parents.
The Greatest Mistake We Humans Make In Our Relationships; We Listen Half, Understand Quarter, Think Zero And React Double.
It Is Sad When The Person Who Gave You The Best Memories Become A Memory !!
Jeevan Me Har Jagah Hame Jeet Chahiye Hoti Hai Sirf Phulwale Ki Dukan Aisi Hai Jaha Hame Haar Chahiye Hota Hai
It's Sweet When Someone Remembers Every Little Detail About You, Not Because You Keep Reminding Them, But Because They Care Enough To Pay Attention....!!
Its Very Easy To Say "Busy" When Someone Needs You... But Its Very Painful To Hear "Busy" When You Need Someone....!!
Umbrella Cant Stop Rain Bt Allows Us 2 Stnd In Rain, Confidence May Nt Bring Success Bt It Gvs Power 2 Face Challenges
Golden Rules For Successful Life. 1. Be Honest In Poverty 2. Be Simple When Wealthy. 3. Be Polite In Authority. 4. Be Silent In Anger.
Ppl Say Dat Success Knocks Our Doors Only 1nce Bt Achievers Say Knock D Door Of Success Until Success Opens D Door 4 Us.
When Our Nails Grow Long V Cut D Nails Bt Nt Our Fingers Similarly Wen Misundrstndngs Grow Up Cut Yr Ego Nt Ur Relation.
Mking Ur Mark On D World Iz Hard, If It Wer Easy, Everybdy Wud Do It, It Takes Patience & Cmitment, Facing Failures On D Way
A Gud Heart & Gud Nature Are 2 Different Issues, A Gud Heart Cn Win Many Relationshps, Bt A Gud Nature Cn Win Many Heartz
Problem "Somebody Else Will*~ Thousands Of Languages Around This World But "Smile"can Beat Them All. Because"smile" Is The Language, Even A Baby Can Speak. :-)
Thousands of Languages around this world but "Smile"can beat them all. Because"Smile" is the Language, even a baby can speak. :-)
Jordar Lines- "D Last Thing 1 Knws When Writing A Book Iz Wat To Put 1st"
What We Knw Is Nt Much, What We Dnt Know Iz Immense.
Nature Is An Infinite Sphere Of Which Centre Is Everywhere And Circumference Is No-Where
"There R No Great Men, Only Great Challenges That Ordinary Men R Forced By Circumstances To Meet"
"2 Succeed, U Must 1st Be Willing To Fail"
"I Believe Lyf Iz To Be Lived, Nt Wrked, Enjoyed, Nt Agonized, Loved, Nt Hated"
Good Things Come To Those Who Wait. Better Things Come To Those Who Try. Best Things Come O Those Who Believe. Desired Things Come To Those Whopray.