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I Love It When You Remember The Little Things About Me That I Thought You Would Forget. :)
True Love Is When A Boy Ask The Girl For A Kiss And Girl Simply Close Her Eyes And Allow The Boy For A Kiss... But The Boy Kisses On The Forehead And Says I Have A Whole Life To Do That.
Its Not That I Want You With Me Every-time... But Its Just I Do Not Want Anyone Else To Have You For A Second".
♥ ♥Woh Toh Paani Ki Boond Hai Jo Ankho Se Beh Jaye Aansu Toh Woh Hai Jo Tadap Ke Ankho Mai Hi Reh Jaye Woh Pyar Kya Jo Lafzo Mai Bayan Ho Pyar Toh Woh Hai Jo Aakhon Mai Nazar Aaye♥ ♥
Love Is Emotion .. .. The Name Of Devotion .. .. Love Is Blind .. .. The Fate We Write .. .. Love Is Fire .. .. Generate From Desire .. .. Is Dream .. .. Love Is Hope .. .. Love Is Passion .. .. Love Is Fantasy .. .. Love Is Pain .. .. But Like A Rain ..
The Wierdest Happened The Other Morn1ng... I Woke Up With Tears In My Eyes... And One Rolling Down My Cheek... And I Knew I Must Have Been Dreaming Of You Again..
Kisses Frm D Lips. Love From The Heart. Where My Love Is Concern, Only Death Can Do Us Part.
A Sweet Reply By A Guy To His Girl.. . Girl: What Will U Do If I'll Get Angry On U..?? . . . . Boy: I'll Just Grab U In My Arms And Hug U Tightly Till The Warmth Of My Hug Melts Ur Anger..!!♥
♥ ♥ ♥ Its Just You Who I Always Want To See, For You I Play Every Song On My Guitar, And You Don't Need To Change For Me, Because I Love You Just The Way You Are, Sometimes It Is Very Hard For Me To Show, All The Love And Care I Have Inside For You, But Every Beat Of My Heart Wants You To Know, When You Say You Love Me, It Says I Love You Too..!!!♥ ♥ ♥
The Day Will Come When You'll Be Mine, But I'll Just Wait Till That Time If I Have To Wait Forever, That's What I'll Do Becoz... I Can't Live My Life Without You...
A Boy Gave A Girl 13 Roses; 12 Were Real, 1 Was Fake, Then The Boy Said To The Girl, "I Will Love You Until The Last Rose Dies ♥
The Person Who Loves You More.. Will Fight With You Daily.. Without Any Reason But Whenever You're Sad She Will Fight With The World To End Your Sadness...♥♥
It's Very Sweet When Someone Knows Every Single Detail About You. Not Because You Told Them..... But Because They've Noticed You....♥
A Hug Pulls Two Persons Closer But They Don't See Each-others Expressions When It Happens! Reason? Some Great Moments Are Just Meant To Be Felt:):) :)
♥When You' Really Care For' Someone . . Their Mistakes Nevah' Change Yewr Feelings'.. Itz The Mind That Gets' Angry But The Heart Still Cares' ♥
When Time Comes For U To Give Ur Heart To Someone, Make Sure U Select Someone Who Will Never Break Ur Heart, Cuz Broken Hearts Has Never Spare Parts...!!!
Girl:: Duniya Ko Bta Do K Tum Mujhse Kitna Pyar Karte Ho??? Boy:: (Ladki Ke Kan Me Dhire Se Kehte) I Luv U Girl:: Tum Ne Jor Se Kyu Nai Chillaye Boy:: Kyunki Tu Hi Toh Duniya Hai Meri
Here We Stand Today... As We Always Dreamed And Wished For... Exchanging Promises And Vows That We Will Be Together... Holding Hands We Will Face The Present And The Future Of Our Lives Together As One... And As We Accept This We Knew That We Are No Longer On Our Own But Belonged To Each Other As One... This The Promise Of Our Love.
Touch My Heart & You Will Feel, Listen To My Heart & You Will Hear, Look Into My Heart & You Will See, That You Will Always Be A Special Part Of Me.
Do You Know Why Girls Are Shorter Than Guys? Because When They Hug Each Other, The Boy Lets His Head Rests On Her Shoulder And He Falls In Love With Her... The Girl Rests Her Head On His Heart And Feels Herself Secured By His Heart Beat And Completely Surrenders Her Lifeto Him!!
When Someone Really Likes You, They Will Never Hurt You!! N If They Do! You Can See It In Their Eyes That It Hurts Them Too..
What Is The Difference Between Your And My Smile? You Smile When You Are Happy & I Smile When You Are Happy.
If I Had A Red Rose For Every Time I Think Of You. I Would Walk In My Garden Forever. Because Yours Lips Like A Red Rose.
My Heart Says That You Like Me My Eyes Says That You Feel Something For Me My Mind Says That You Think Of Me But Till Now You Are Quiet
Boy: Can You Please Close Your Eyes For A Moment? Girl: Okay, Done Boy: Thanks, What A Darkness Isn't It? Girl: Yeah Boy: That Is My Life Without You
U Wanna N0e Hw Much I Luv Ya? Den Try 2 Catch D Raindr0ps, D 1 U Catch Is Hw Much U Miss Me n D 1 U Miss Is Hw Much I Miss U!!
A Boy Was Dying Of Cancer Frnd: Why R U Telling All That U R Dying Frm Aids Boy:: Bcoz After My Death No One Will Dare To Touch My Girlfriend
You And I Can't Hide The Love We Feel... And Those Words We Have To Say... Now That Everythings Been Said... I'm Happy And I Will Take Good Care Of You And The Trust You Gave Me...
Wнen ι [мιѕѕ] Yoυ, ι Cloѕe мY [Eyeѕ] (~_~) And ѕEe Yoυr [ѕмιLιng ғAce] (^_^)
At First Thought "I'm Glad I Moved On And I'm Over You" But Then I Thought Of All The Good Times We Had Together. I Missed That And I Missed You And It Brought Me Back To Where I Started...!!!
I Laugh, I Love, I Hope, I Try I Hurt, I Need, I Fear, I Cry. And I Know You Do The Same Things Too, So We're Really Not That Different, Me And You "
I Hate U Because I Love U More Than Me... I Love U Because I Cant Live Without U... I Miss U Because I`m Addicted To Ur Company... I Like U Because No 1 Is So Sweet Like U... I Want U Because You Make Me Feel Safe .... I Need U Because U R My World.
Love U But Cant Able To Tell U She Loves Him More Than He Would Ever Know, He Love's Her More Than He Would Ever Show.
Lucky Is The Man He Finds The First Love Of A Woman. But The Woman Is So Luckier, She Finds The Last Love Of A Man..
True Love Is Not Phone Calls Nd Stolen Kisses.. It's The Silent Smile In Memoris_0f Your Sweetheart.. True Love Is Not Fighting Kiss Nd Patch-up.... :) It's Loving The 0ne Who Annoys The Hell 0ut 0f You.. Love For A Reason.. Let The Reason Be The ~ Love N Love Only ~
Cute Way To Express The Love... "My Life Did Not Begin With You.., But I Wish My Life Should End With You...
What Is Love ? Those Who Do Not Like It Call It Responsibility. .. Those Who Play With It Call It A Game. Those Who Do Not Have It Call It A Dream. Those Who Understand It They Call It Destiny....
You seem to be the one and I'm not sure why. I think I'm in love, but what is love? I've looked into your eyes, and have seen a side of you no one else has seen. I've touched your hand, and I started to tremble. I've talked to you about things that I have never talked to anyone about before. What are these feelings that I am having?
I Want U To Need Me.. Like The Air U Breath... I Want U To Feel Me In Everthing... I Want U To See Me In Your Every Dream... The That I Taste U_feel_need Bre Ath And I Love U Now And 4ever..
The most Beautiful clothes that a Girl can wear are the Arms of the Boy she Loves .. !! And The Best trophy that a Boy can ever win is a Girl’s HuG whom he Loves..
True Heart Touching Lines: If I Have To Choose Between Loving You And Breathing.... I Will Choose My Last Breath To Say I Love You.. !
GIRL: A, B, C BOY: What? GIRL: Always Be Careful BOY: ahan then? GIRL: D, E, F, G BOY : ?? GIRL: Don't Ever Forget That BOY: ForGet That GIRL: I'm H, I BOY: What H, I ? GIRL: Happilly Inlove BOY: so GIRL: J, K, L, M, Just Keep Loving Me BOY: 'n how about N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z ? GIRL: No Other Person Quite, Reasonable, Shall Treat U Very Well Xcept me You'll see...;)
The Most Beautiful Clothes That A Girl Can Wear Are The Arms Of The Boy She Loves .. !! And The Best Trophy That A Boy Can Ever Win Is A Girl’s Hug Whom He Loves..
Specially 4 Ma Love Kr Dena Maaf Mjhko Dilse, Agar Tora Ho Kabhi Dil Aapka Zindagi Ka Kiya Barosa Kal Kafan Mai Lipta Miley Aapko Ye Chehra Mera. I Am S0rry F0r All My Mistaks…
I Remember When, Our Days Were All Our Own, I Used To Think, These Days Would Never End, We Used To Sing And Drive Each Other Round The Bend And All, I Want To See Is You And Come To Me, Like A Dream Come True And All I Want Is You, You Make Me Feel So Young, I Love You. Walking The Streets, In The Summers Long, Catching The Winds, Been Blowing All Day Long, Still See Your Smile, As If It Was Yesterday It Makes Me Want To Relive Those Summer Days
Every Morning When I Wake Up My First Thought Was Always With You .. Or In The Evening Before I Go To Bed .... A Romantic Moment With You Is Like A Gift Full Of Love In Candle Light Our Luck And Happiness Should Be Illuminated Trust Should Burns In Eternity Until To The End Of Our Lives. Love And Kisses Should Prosper Our Relation And Immerse Our Bodies In Satisfaction.
You Are The Beat Of My Heart Nothing Can Keep Us Apart. You Are The Apple Of My Eyes Cause I Know True Love Never Dies. You Are My Life’s Spring Season We Are Each Other’s Prison. You Are The Girl Of My Sweet Dream O My Love For You Is Extreme.
All I Want Is You, You Make Me Feel So Young, I Love You. Going To Work, Just To Pay The Rent Our Summers Gone, Been And Gone And Spent. Picture Of You, Sits Upon My Desk So That I See, When My Days Were Best And All, I Want To See Is You And Come To Me, Like A Dream Come True And All I Want Is You, You Make Me Feel So Young, I Love You.
I Entered With Anticipation On Our First Date. Oh How It Was Great. To Feel Butterflies Dance A Quick Jig. I Arrived On Time Even A Tad Bit Early. What Would I Do? What Would I Say? When We Spoke Would My Thoughts Go Astray? I Couldn't! ...I Wouldn't Let You Know How Nervous I Was. My Heart Pounding ... Because... On This Day I Have To Say! I Didn't Want Anything To Distract Me From Meeting ... "My Princess."
When a Guy does Something Wrong... Girl: You broke my Favorite Lamp!!! Boy: It was an Accident... I didn't mean to..!! Girl: I can't believe you did this. Boy: I'm Sorry.. !! When a Girl does Something Wrong... Boy: You Lost My Dog??!!! Girl: It was an Accident... I didn't mean to..!! Boy: I can't believe you did this. Girl: I already feel bad about it..!! Stop making me feel Worse..!! Boy: I'm Sorry.. !!