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Love Saying SMS

Never talk abut feelings, if they are not really there Never hold my hand, if you going to break my heart Never say you are going to, if you don't plan to start Never look in my eyes, if all you do is lie Never say hello, if you really mean goodbye.
Keeping Someone In Our Heart Is Very Easy, But, To Be In Someone's Heart Is Very Difficult. So''respect'' The Heart Which "Cares" Abt U!!
A Person Who Intentionally Avoids You, Ignores You And Hurts You... Might Sometimes Be An Indication He/she Is Damn Scared To Fall In Love With You.
A Very Good Relationship Needs Just Two Things A "Little Time" To Be Spent With Them And A "True Care" To Be Shown Always!
There Are Many People Who Are Ready To Cry When U Die, But There May B Ones Who Are Ready To Die When U Cry.....
Love Is The Name Of Respect If U Do Not Respect Ur Love Than U Do Not Deserve Love ~ 4rnds Respect Ur Love By Heart And Soul.
I Dream About You Every Night I Shiver When Your In Sight I Long To Hold You Close N Tight I Wanna Be There With All My Might I M Just Hoping I'm The Boy Whos Right.
True Love Can't Be Found, Where It Doesn't Truly Exist.. Nor Can It Be Hidden, Where It Truly Does.
Don't Love The Person, Who Enjoys With You, 'Love' The Person Who 'Suffers' With You.
Love Is The Sweetest Poision, Which Wants Every0ne To Taste, But After Those People Who Taste This Poision Known How It Effected To His And His Life.
When You Are In a True Relationship.. No Matter How Much You Fight or Laugh, Everything Ends In "I LOVE YOU"
All I Want Is Someone Who Will Stay... No Matter How Hard Is To Be With Me....
I'm Not Saying That I'm In Love I'm Just Saying That Lately She's All I Think About
Don't You Love Someone Who Never Think About You, Never Cares For You, Who Never At Least Try To Love You... So Please Love The Person Who Only Know How To Love You..
You Are The Reason Why I Am Strong, But Still... You Are My Weakness
7 Sal K Bhai Se 5 Sal Ki Behan Puchti H What Is Love? Pyar Kya H? Bhai: Tum Har Roz Mere Bag Se Chocolate Kha Jati Ho Lekin Mai Fir Bhi Wahi Rkhta Hu. That's Love.
Love Doesn't Need To Be Perfect, It Just Needs To Be True.
"I Trust You" Is Better Then "I Love You" Bcoz U May Not Always Trust The Person U Love, ♥ But U Can Always Love The Person U Trust.
Kisi Se Sirf Itna Hi Durr Hona,, Ki Uuse Aapki Ehmiyat Ka Ehsas Ho Jaye, Lekin Kabhi Itna Bhi Durr Mat Hona Ki Wo Apke Bina Jina Sikhh Jaye....
Pyar Sabdo Ka Mohtaj Nahi Hota, Dil Mai Har Kisi Ka Raj Nahi Hota, Kyu Intezar Krte Hai Sbhi "Valentine" Day Ka Kya Saal Ka Har Din Pyar Ka Hqdar Nahi Hota....
D0 U Kn0w Why Nature Made Eyes In Pair Ears In Pair Hands In Pair Legs In Pair But Heart Made Single Its Just Because T0 Find It's Pair Itself...
During Hug~ A Girl's Head Is Always Down Because She Considers Her Boy To Be Her World & Gets Lost In It . . . While A Boy's Head Is Always Up So That No Other Guy Dares To Look At His Girl .
Agar Tension Ka Taluk Dimag Se He To Heart Attck Q Hote H Aur Agar Luv Ka Taluk Dil Sehe To Pyar Me Log Pagal Q Hote H
Love Is Complicated ? Not Really! It's Just About Two People Who Can Look Into Each Others Eyes And Think.
Don't Compare Your Love Story To Those You Watch In Movies, They Writen By Script Writers, Nd Ur's Writen By God
Loving Someone Truly But Realising U'l Never Have Them In Ua Arms Kills Like Hell.
Hurting Someone Who Really Cares For You Is As Easy As Throwing Stone In The Lake... But Do You Know How Deep That Stone Goes ? So...Think Twise While Hurting Your Closed One..!!![♥]
In Life Love Is Never Planned Nor Does It Happen For A Reason. Bt When Love Is Real, It Becomes Ur Plan For Life And Ur Reason For Living...
Love Is A Medicine For Any Kind Of Pain..... Be Sure That There Is Medicine In The World For The Pain Given.
If You Love Someone, Tell Them. Because Hearts Are Often Broken By Words Left Unspoken ♥
My Life, My Love And Everything Of Mine Is You, Including My Heart Which I Have Given You, Please Keep It Safe Like I Have Done, 'Coz You Have Two And I Have None.
This Madness Love Has Come To Be Raged In Hard Like An Angry Sea Held In A Lovers Eyes Which Do We Believe? The Fury That Lies In Passion Or The Love That Lies In Pain Is Love Like Burning Fire Or Soft Like Shining Rain.
Mohabbat Bhi Zindgi Ki Trha Hoti Hai, Har Pal, Har Moodh Par Khushi Hi Nahi Milti. Gam Bhi Naseeb Hote Hain, Aur Jab Hum Gamo Ki Vjaah Se Zindgi Ko Nahi Choor Sakte, Tho Mohabbat Ko Kyun Choor De.?
Definition Of Sweetest Relationship: Both Of Them Know That They Are In Love With Each Other But Still Like Being Best Friends :)
Everyone Can Say ''I Love You" But Not Everyone Really Means It. So Believe It When You Feel It, Not When You Hear It..
You Know What Hurtsthe Most?? The Fact That: I Can't Say, I Lost You.
You Told Me To Forget You, But Tell Me How Can I Forget You When You Are Only One Who Is In My Mind 'N Heart.. What Will I Remembr When I Forget You.(
Share This Sms Differece Between A Friend 'N Lover:- You Can Tell Your Friend "You Are My Best Friend" But Do You Have Courage To Tell Your Lover "You Are My Best Lover"? Trying Is Injurious..!
Excellent Line Said By A Gf To Her Bf: "Every Girl Has Her Bestfriend, Her Bf, And Her Love. If She Is Lucky, They Are All The Same Person" :-)
"A Loved One Is Not The Person Who Understands Your Happiness. But, Is The Person Who Can Guess Your Sadness Before Your Eyes Feel".. !
Sometimes I Say "I Just Want To See You Happy" But Deep In My Heart I Still Want To Be Your Happiness..!
A Real Relationship, Has Fights. Has Trust. Has Faith. Has Tears. Has Hurt. Has Sweet Smiles. Has Genuine Laughter. Has Snorts Because Of The Laughter. Has Weird, Stupid, Unnecessary Arguments. Has Patience. Has Communication. Its Where The Man 'N Women Wouldnt Even Think Of Looking At Someone Else, Never Keep Anything From Eachother.. Love Them More 'N More Every Day, Get Jealous 'N Through Every Argument Still Love Eachother.. ! :)
Don't Want A Relation Where People Say.. They Look So Cute Together.. !! I Want A Relation Where People Say.. Look How Happy They Are Together.. !!
Immature Love Says, "I Love You Because I Need You." Mature Love Says, "I Need You Because I Love You". ♥ ♥ ♥
Love Is Not Finding Someone To Live With, It's Finding Someone You Can't Live Without."
You Never Know How Much You Love Someone, Until The Thought Of Them Being With Another Person Is Enough To Break Your Heart.
Some People Are So Lucky That Even After Hurting.. They Get So Much Of Love. Many Are So Unlucky That Even After Loving So Much.. They Only Get Hurt..!!
Some People Are So Lucky That Even After Hurting, They Get So Much Love & Some Are So Unlucky That Even After Loving So Much, They Always Get Hurt !!!
The Sweetest Relationship ♥ Both Of Them Know That They Care For Each Other Very Much... But Still They Are Not Lovers
Sometimes We Play With Love, But When The Time Comes & We Finally Realize That We Want 2 Get Serious... Love Plays With Us" :(