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Today Will Never Come Again, Be A Blessing, Be A Friend. Encourage Sumone,Take Time To Care, Let Your Words Heal.And Not Wound..!
Live Life Like A Pair Of Walking Legs... The Foot Forward Has No Pride And The Foor Behind Has No Shame.. Because.. Both Know Their Situation Will Change..
"I Studied Everything But Never Topped, But Today The Toppers Of The Best Universities Are My Employees" -Bill Gates
World Is Not A Parking Space, It Is A Racing Track. Keep On Moving, No Matter When And Where You Start But Reach Your Goal And Make A New Record.
There Is No Road In The World That Goes To Happiness .. But Happiness Itself Is The Only Way Which Goes Anywhere In The World.
Lucky People Get Opportunities, Brave People Create Opportunities, But Real Winners R Those Who Convert Their Problems In To Opportunities.
Every King Was Once A Crying Baby And Every Great Building Was Once A Map. It's Not Important Where U R Today, But Where You Will Reach Tomorrow Is Important.
The "Size" Of Our Problem Is Nothing, Compared With Our Ability To Solve Them. But By Over Estimating The Problems, We Under Estimate Our Ability..!
Great Motivational Words Written On The Entrance Of An American University! "I Know I Am Something, Because God Doesn't Create Waste"!
If We Were Born Knowing Everything, What Would We Do All This Time On The Planet. Be Proud To Say A Dont Know:-)
Great Motivational Words Written On The Entrance Of An American University! "I Know I Am Something, Because God Doesn't Create Waste"!
Every Lost Game Inspires Us To Try One More Time. Always Remember, "Defeat Is Temporary, But, Giving Up Makes It Permanent".
Rakh Hausla Wo Manzar B Ayega Pyase K Paas Chal K Samandar B Ayega, Thak-Kar Na Beth Ae Manzil K Musafir, Manzil B Milegi Or Milne Ka Maza B Ayega...!
When U Feel Depressed, Confused Or Hurt. Don’t Worry Stand In Front Of A Mirror, U Will Find The Best One To Solve Your Problem. Trust Yourself !!
Keep Your Thoughts Positive, Because Your Thoughts Become Your Words. Keep Your Words Positive, Because Your Words Become Your Actions. Keep Your Actions Positive, Because Your Actions Become Your Habits. Keep Your Habits Positive, Because Your Habits Become Your Lifestyle. Keep Your Lifestyle Positive, Because Your Lifestyle Becomes Your Destiny.
A Very Nice Lines: U May Not B Perfect In Many Things. But.. Many Things Cannot B Perfect Without You..;) Stay Special In Ur Own Little Ways.
An Excellent Saying. "The Dream Is Not What You See In Sleep, Dream Is The Thing Which Does Not Let You Sleep
Every Bad Situation Will Have Something Positive.. Even A Stopped Clock Is Correct Twice A Day.. Think Of This & Lead Ur Life..
Shakespear's Mother Said Him: You Are Very Weak In English. If You Fail This Time, I'll Not Let You Continue Your Studies. Shakepeare Did Not Pass M.a Eng. But Now No One Can Pass M.a Eng. Without Reading Shakespeare. Don't Try To Achieve The Higher Degrees. But Always Try To Achieve Higher Aducation.
Career Is Like Light Girls R Like Shadow If U Try 2 Catch Shadow U Will Miss D Light If U Walk 2wards D Light Then The Shadow Follow U.
There Are Only Two Important Moments In A Man's Life... First When He Was Born N Second When He Proves Why He Was Born... !
Flatter Me, And I May Not Believe You. Criticize Me, And I May Not Like You. Ignore Me, And I May Not Forgive You. Encourage Me, And I Will Not Forget You. Love Me And I May Be Forced To Love You.
If U Stand For A Reason, Be Prepared To Stand Alone Like A Tree. If U Fall On The Ground,fall As A Seed That Grows Back To Fight Again
Thought: Everything In The Universe Begins With A Single Thought. Try To Keep That Thought Positive!!!
Its Always Better To Deserve And Not Win Rather Than Win And Not Deserve. So Deserve Before You Desire
The Single Finger Which Wipes Out Tears During Our Failure Is Much Better Than The 10 Fingers Which Comes Together To Clap For Our Victory!!
If You Don't Act Foolish While U're Young, U Won't Hav Anything 2 Smile About When U're Older. Bet U've Been Smiling Since Yesterday.
Do More Then Belong Participate Do More Then Care Help Do More Then Believe Practice Do More Then B Fair B Kind Do More Then 4give 4get Do More Then Dream Work
Following A Way Of A Gr8 Person Dosen't Give U A Platform Bt Gives U An Opportunity To B More Gr8 Person Then They Are.
God Never Made A Fish With Fins Until He Made An Ocean For It To Swim In God Never Made A Bird Until He Made A Sky For It To Fly In God Never Put The Longings Of Immortality In A Soul Until He Made A Heaven To Satisfy These Longings..
Life Is A Book, We All Read It. Love Is A Blessing, We All Need It. Always Be Happy, Walk With A Smile. Remember In This World We Are Just For A While.
If You Want To Enjoy Anything, Always Think Today Is The First Day But If You Want To Achieve Anything Always Think Today Is The Last Day
Believe Nothing, No Matter Where You Read It, Or Who Said It, No Matter If I Have Said It, Unless It Agrees With Your Own Reason And Your Own Common Sense
Never Think Deep Abt Past, Dat Brings Tears Don't Think Mor Abt Future Dat Brings Fear Live Dis Moment With A Smile N Care Dat Brings "Cheer'
Lyf Should Be Measured N't By D Number Of Years Bt Reather By D Love Shared, D Memories Made, D Joy Given D Blessings Received.
Umbrella Can't Stop Rain But Make Us To Stand In Rain!! Confidence May Not Bring Success But It Gives Power To Face Any Challenge!
Never Feel Sad On Losing Anything In Ur Lyf Cuz Wnevr A Tree Loses Its Leaf, A New Leaf Is Ready To Take Its Place.
A Man Can Get Discouraged Many Times But He Is Not A Failure Until He Begins To Blame Somebody Else And Stops Trying.
Instead Of Thinking About What You Are Missing. Sometimes It Is Good To Think About What You Have That Many Are Missing.
Most Meaningful Words... Man Asked God "Give Me Everything To Enjoy Life" God Replied "I Have Given U Life To Enjoy Everything"
Don't Live Down To Expectations. Go Out There And Do Something Remarkable. Wendy Wasserstein.
Be Who You Are And Say What You Feel, Because Those Who Mind Don't Matter And Those Who Matter Don't Mind
You Cannot Change Your Future... But, U Can Change Ur Habits... And Sure Ur Habits Will Change Ur Future
Always Continue The Climb. It Is Possible For You To Do Whatever You Choose, If You First Get To Know Who You Are And Are Willing To Work With A Power That Is Greater Than Ourselves To Do It.
Determine Never To Be Idle. No Person Will Have Occasion To Complain Of The Want Of Time Who Never Loses Any. It Is Wonderful How Much May Be Done If We Are Always Doing.
Ability Is What You're Capable Of Doing. Motivation Determines What You Do. Attitude Determines How Well You Do It.
Take Chances, Make Mistakes. That's How You Grow. Pain Nourishes Your Courage. You Have To Fail In Order To Practice Being Brave
There Are No Permanent Failures And No Permanent Victories, Because There Is Always Change And Shifting. Keep Walking When You Fail. Keep Innovating When You Succeed
"Keep Your Dreams Alive. Understand To Achieve Anything Requires Faith And Belief In Yourself, Vision, Hard Work, Determination, And Dedication. Remember All Things Are Possible For Those Who Believe"
Motivating Words By Swami Vivekananda- "Every Thing Is Easy, When We Are Crazy About It And Nothing Is Easy When We Are Lazy About It"