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U May Not Think Of Me When U R Happy And Having A Good Time, But When U R Sad, I Want To Be The 1st One To Make U Happy!
No one ever gets tired of loving. But everyone gets tired of waiting, assuming, hearing promises, saying sorry, and all the hurting...!
Love Is Unfair... Wanna Know Why...? In Every Smile From Love Give Us Tears... In Every Happiness We Get More Pains... In Every Faithfulness We're Cheated... When We Give True Love We Got Fooled... And In Trusting We Got Cheated... So Go With The Person Who Love You More Than Themselves.
"Takecare When You Make A Woman Cry, Because God Counts Her Tears. The Woman Was Made From The Rib Of Man, Not The Feet To Be Walked On Not From His Head To Be Superior, But From The Side To Be Equal, Under The Arm To Be Protected And Next To The Heart To Be Loved..
Being Singal Is Cool No Worrying Abt Any1, No Obligations & Best Of All, No Heartaches But U Know What? If U’ll Never Get Ur Heart Broken, U’ll Never Learn 2 Love ♥
Kuch Pane K Liye Kuch Khona Padta Hai, Muskurane K Liye Rona Bhi Padta Hai..! Yu Hi Nahi Ho Jata He Savera, Subha Dekne K Liye Ratbhar Sona Bhi Pdta Hai..!!
Prety Words Are Not Always True, And True Words Are Not Always Prety.
Honestly, I Hold In A Lot, When I'm Upset. I Realy Don't Like To Tell Anyone, Especialy The Person Who Made Me That Way, No Matter How Much Anyone Asks, The Answer Will Always Be, ''I'm Fine'' Even If It's Not True.
Difference Of Nature: Two Girls Wearing Same T-shirt Response: Kamini "Copied My Style" 2 Boys Wearing Same T-shirt Response: O Mera Bhai.
Sumtimes, It Not The Person You Miss, But The Feeling And Moments You Had When You Were With Them.
When you said that we would be together forever, I thought that meant until we died, but I guess forever isn't as long as it used to be,.... Is it.?
You Flirt And Then You Diss Her. Or Ignore And Then You Say You Miss Her. You Kiss And Then You Ditch Her. Don't Make Her Fall If You Have No Intention Ofcatching Her.
Beautiful Saying "A Friend In Need, Is A Frnd Indeed"
Sad line but True: Apne INDIA Ka Kuch Nahi HoSakta..!! Qki.,Yahan... Buddhe Desh Chala Rahe Hai,... Or Jawaan Facebook...
In Relationship, When You Stop Fighting It Means You Stopped Caring...
Relati0nships Are Harder Now.. Because Conversations Become Texting... Arguments Become Phone Calls... & ... Feelings Become Status Updates ... !
Sumtimes a good cry in the shower, is all u need to release the pain, that has built up inside.
The Most Awkward Moment When U Realize That Person U R Making Fun Of Is Right Behind U
Rocking Quote- "Itz Nyce To Listen To Lies, When We Know The Truth"
Luv Iz 2nd Mistake Created By God, Of Course Girls R 1st Mistakes, Bt Both R Beautiful Mistakes
♥If You Don't Want To Know What Is Pain ♥ ♥Don't Love Anyone Truly.. ♥♥♥ ♥If Someone Loves You Truly, ♥ ♥Never Show Them What Is Pain.. ♥♥♥
Best Relation In Dis World Is, "When You Hold The Hand Of A Person And The Person Walks With You Without Asking "Where" And "Why"
Aaj Mene Khuda Se Pucha: Kyu Tu Har Cheej Chinta Rehta He Mujh Se..? . . Khuda Ne Muskura K Bola "Kyoki Muje Tere Maagne Ka Andaaj Bahut Achha Lgta Hai"
Kisses Heal Better Than Any Band Aid, Hugs Warm You Deeper Than Any Blanket, A Shoulder Takes Away Your Tears Faster Than Any Tissue
Biggest Problem In World Stupids R Highly Confident & The Intelligents R Full Of Doubts
“Fantastic Quote” Love Is Blind.. And Marriage Opens The Eyes….
The Best Revenge Is To Show Your Ex That Life Is Better After They're Gone....
It's Hard To Wait Around For Something You Know Might Not Happen, But It's Harder To Give Up When You Know It's Everything You Want.
I Looked At A Flower 'N Thought It Was The Most Beautiful Thing I've Ever Seen Till I Met You.. !
When A Girl Accepts Your Friend Request It Means She Accepted Your "Friendship" Not Your "Proposal".. When A Girl Sends You A Friend Request It Means She Wants To Be Your Friend Not Your Girlfriend. When She Tag You It Means She Wants To Share Her Thoughts With You 'N Not That She's Lost In Your Thoughts.. When She Comments On Your Status It Means She's Just Being Social 'N Not Flirting.. When She Like Your Comment It Means She Like Your Comment Not You. !
Cute Saying: "True Friendship Is All About Hearing Your Friend's Exact Tone Of Voice Even When You Go Through Their Text Messages".. !
We Always Worry About Our Looks; But The Truth Is That They Neither Matter To Those Who Hate Us Nor To Those Who Love Us!
Knowing A Person Like U, Has Made Me Happy In A Million Ways And If Ever I Have To Let U Go. I Would Find A Million Reasons To Make U Stay.
A Chinese'll Have A Wife And A Girlfriend And He'll Love His Wife More. A Black'll Have 2 Wives And 5 Girlfriends And He'll Love His 1st Wife More. A White'll Have 1 Wife And 3 Girlfriends And He'll Love His Girlfriends More. An Indian'll Have 1 Wife And 4 Girlfriendsand He'll Still Love His Mummy More.
A Man's Silence Can Break A Woman's Heart Into A Thousand Pieces While A Woman's Silence Can Give A Man A Thousand Moments Of Peace!
I Am Scared Of People Who Study A Lot; They Have So Much Of Information Stored In Their Brains That There Is No Space Left For Common Sense.
If Someone Ask Me Who Is Your Best Friend? I Will Simply Say… “Someone Who’ll Never Avoid Me Just Because Of Someone Else”
Read Carefully And Get The Meaning"... "Minimum Love Is Friendship" 'N "Maximum Friendship Is Love" Strange But True.. !!
If You Don't Know, Then Ask Me. If You Don't Agree, Then Argue With Me. If You Don't Like, Then Say It To Me. But Please Don't Keep Silent And Judge Me.. !
True Lines:-) You Always Search The Best Message To Send Me... But I Always Like To See The Message In Your Name Only.. !
Alcohol Is Like Love. The First Kiss Is Magic, The Second Is Intimate And The Third Is Routine.
Cutest Feeling In This World Is... ♥ . When Your Eyes Try To Get A Single Look Of Your Love In A Crowd... . . . & You Find That He/she Is Already Staring At You..!! :) ♥
тнε вεSт тιмε σғ υя ℓιғε αяε тнσSε ωнεη υ Sαү “үεS” ι м ғιηε,& υ кησω тнαт Sσмεσηε ωσυℓ∂ ℓσσк ιηтσ үσυя εүεS & Sαү “εησυGн,ησω тεℓℓ тнε тяυтн!
A Beautiful Things Happens To Butiful People With Butiful Hearts In Butiful Place, So I Pray Everyday God To Add More Beauty In Your Life
I'm Not Feeling Exactly Happy, I Don't Really Feel Sad Too. Sometimes I Don't Know How I'm Feeling -_-
Set A Place For Me In Ur Heart, And Not In Ur Mind, For The Mind Easily Forgets, But The Heart Always Remembers.
Marne K 3 Tarike..!! 1) Roz Cigaret Piyo 30 Saal Me Mar Jaoge, 2) Roz Bear Piyo 15 Saal Memar Jaoge, 3) Kisi Se Saccha Pyar Karo..jite Ji Mar Jaoge...!
No Matter How Tightly You're Hanging On, You're Eventually Going To Realize That You're Not The One In Control Here. And That's Ok. Life Has A Way Of Knocking You Down A Peg Or Two When You Forget Who's In Charge. So Let Go Of The Reigns For A While. It Won't Kill You..
Remember 2 Remember Me, Forget To Forget Me. Even If U Try To Remember To Forget Me, I'll Never Forget To Remember To Remind U To Remember Me.
1 Guy Can Make U Hate All The Guys But One Man Can Teach U That Not All Guys Are The Same