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Zindgi Me Do Cheeze Kabi Mat Karna, Jhoote Aadmi Ke Saath Prem, Aur Sacche Aadmi Ke Saath Game!
Sometimes Silence Say More Than Words.
Mai Kis Ke Haath Bheju Aaj Ki Dua, Chaand, Sitaare, Hawa Koi Uske Ghar Nahi Jata!
Tum Mere Pas Thay, Ho Aur Rahoge Sada, Khuda Ka Shukar Hai Yaadon Ki Koi Umar Nahi Hoti!
Sajde Me Gir Jao, Duaaye Maang Kar Dekho, Khuda Kagaz Ke Phoolon Me Bhi Khusboo Daal Deta Hai!
Dil Ko Bhi Jhukana Chahiye Sajde Me Sar Ke Saath, Dil Kahi Aur Sar Kahi Ye Bandagi Acchi Nahi!
Dilse Jayada Mehfooz Jagah Nahi Dunia Me, Magar Sab Se Jayada Log Lapata Yahi Se Hote Hain!
My Goal In Life Isn’t To Become Famous Or Powerful It’s To Make Enough Money To Eat Whatever I Want.
The Only Reason Why The Earth Has Gravity Is, To Remind Us To Keep Our Feet On The Ground In All Situations Of Our Life.
Love Your Mother, The Most Beautiful Person On This Earth. Our Best Critic, Yet Our Strongest Supporter.
Plant Your Own Garden And Decorate Your Own Soul Instead Of Waiting For Someone To Bring You Flowers.
I Am Strong Because Ive Been Weak. I Am Fearless Because Ive Been Afraid. I Am Wise Because Ive Been Foolish.
Sometimes U Gotta Play The Role Of A Fool, To Fool The Fool Who Thinks They Are Fooling You..!
Sometimes U Need To Be Alone, Not To Be Lonely But To Enjoy Ur Free Time Being Urself..!
Behind Every Successful Girl, There Is Her Loving Father..!
Never Take Someone's Feelings As A Joke, U Will Never Know How Much It Hurts..!
Texting Is Fine, Calling Is Okay, But Being With U Is What Makes My Day..!
One Word Frees Us Of All The Weight And Pain Of Life, That Word Is Love!
Don't Keep Pushing Away The People U Love, Bcoz One Day They Won't Come Back..!
I'd Rather Have An Enemy Who Admits They Hate Me, Instead Of A Frnd Who Secretly Puts Me Down!
Fake People Have An Image To Maintain, Real People Just Don't Care..!
Nothing In The World Can Trouble U, As Much As Ur Own Thoughts..!
Never Push A Loyal Person To The Point, Where They No Longer Care..!
Nothing Is More Beautiful Than Honesty..!
The Eyes Are Useless, When The Mind Is Blind!
The Truth Doesn't Cost Anything, But A Lie Could Cost U Everything..!
People U Don't Hurt U Back, Are Actually Afraid Of Losing U..!
Just Bcoz I Find U Attractive, Doesn't Mean I Like U, U Are Appealing To My Eyes Not My Heart Or Mind, It Is Not That Deep..!
Forget What Hurt U In The Past, But Never Forget What It Taught U..!
Its Not How Big The House Is, Its How Happy The Home Is..!
Two Reasons We Don't Trust People, 1. We Don't Know Them, 2. We Know Them..!
Sensitive People Love Too Much, Give Too Much And Hurt Too Much, But They Have The Kindest Heart!
Do Not Correct A Fool Or He Will Hate U, Correct A Wise Man And He Will Appreciate U!
80% People Keep Their Feelings To Themselves, Bcoz They Believe Its Hard For Others To Understand Their Pain!
Everybody Has A Chapter, They Don't Read Out Loud!
When Its Over Leave, Don't Continue Watering A Dead Flower!
When U Learn To Accept Instead Of Expect, U Will Have Fewer Disappointments..!
Time Is Precious Only When We Spend It On The Right Person..!
Every Girl Wants A Bad Boy Who Is Gentle Only For Her, And Every Boy Wants A Good Girl Who Is Naughty Only For Him..!
If U Haven't Change Ur Contact Number From A Long Time, U Are Definitely Waiting For Someone To Call!
Fun On The Outside And Senti On The Inside, Is The Best Combination!
An Enemy Occupies More Space In The Brain Than A Well Wisher In The Heart, Don't Damage The Brain Improve The Heart..!
Every Woman Deserves A Man Who Loves And Respects Her, Every Man Deserves A Woman Who Appreciates His Efforts!
Just Because I Don't React, Doesn't Mean I Didn't Notice!
It Is Not Because Things Are Difficult That We Do Not Dare, It Is Because We Dont Dare That They Are Difficult.
Sometimes U Just Gotta Stay Silent, Cause No Words Can Explain What's Going On In Ur Mind And Heart!
U Can't Reach For Anything New, If Ur Hands Are Still Full Of Yesterday's Junk!
Expectation Is The Mistake We Do, Then Disappointment Is The Punishment We Get!