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Romantic SMS

Sweetest Way Used To Propose A Girl. Your Name Seems To Be Very Short. So If You Agree, I Can Donate My Name To Complete Your’s ;->
>-------> Ja Teer Ja, Jo Mujhe Msg Nhi Karta Uske Dil Par Waar Kar. Kya Hua.... Tu Vaapas Kyu Aaya.?" Sorry Boss Unke Dil Me Aap Ho.
Akash Ke Taron Me Khoya Hai Jahan Sara, Lagta Hai Pyara Har Ek Tara, Un Me Sabse Pyara Hai Ek Sitara Jo Is Waqk Pad Raha Hai Sms Humara.
Sometimes My Eyes Get Jealous Of My Heart Know Why? Guess Wht It Is Simply Bcoz A Sweet Person Like You, Is Always Close To My Heart And Far From My Eyes.
U Know, I Don't Need A Pillow To Sleep On, Idon't Need The Best Bed, I Don't Even Needmy Cute Teddy Also.! Whenever I Get Tired& Need To Relax. I Just Need Ur Chest To Put My Head On It, That Would Give Me The Best Comfort.!! ?
Looking Into Your Eyes I Can See Beauty, Looking Into Your Soul I Can See Passion, Looking Into Your Mind I Can See Intelligence, But, Looking Into Your Heart I Can See The World.
Cutest Proposal: Boy To Girl: Do U Hug Ur Teddy Bear While Sleeping At Night..?? Girl: Yes Boy: Can I Replace It For The Rest Of Ur Life..
If U Want To "Miss Me" If U Want To "Feel Me" Soo, Close Ur Eyes And Keep Ur Hand On Your Heart, And Then Listen, Dhak, Dhak, Dhak, Yes Jan ! Its Me Only....!!
Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Because, You'll Always Be The Dearest, And, The Sweetest One, In All The World To Me, Because, I'll Always Love You, More Than You Could Ever Guess, You Are My Everything, My Word My Hapiness...
Zaruri To Nahi Ke Muhabbat Ko Lafzon Mein Bayan Kar Dun, Idhar Dekho, Kya Meri Aankhen Tum Se Kuch Nahi Kehti..!!?
Classical Topii But Still F0r Girls.. Awwww Sho Shweeet♥♥ Girl Asked: Who Is Beautiful Me Or Moon? Best Answer Given By A Boy :) I Don't Kn0w. . . But . . . When I See You... I Forget The Moon & When I See M0on I Remember You...
To See Love, Look At Moon.. To See Beauty, Look At Nature.. To See Light, Look At Sun.. To See Hope, Look At Future.. But, I Can See All Of These By Just Looking At Your Eyes!
Jab Jab Aata Hai Ye Barsaat Ka Mausam, Teri Yaad Sath Hoti Hai Humdum, Socha Is Mausam Me Tujhe Yaad Nahi Karenge, Par Fir Socha Ki Hum Baarish Ko Kaise Rok Payenge.
The Best Feeling In The World... Getting Close And Listening To Someones Heartbeat You Love, And Knowing That The Beat Was Raising Just Becoz Of You!
I Promise To Hold Your Hand As We Walk And To Say I Love You Whenever We Talk Your Love Is Something I Can't Forget Coz With You Everything Seems Perfect I Wonder If You Can Hear My Heart Say That I'll Always Love You Come What May I Don't Know What's Written By Destiny But I Just Want You To Stay Close To Me...!!
If I Reached For Your Hand, Will U Hold It ? If I Hold Out My Arms, Will U Hug Me? If I Go For Ur Lips, Will U Kiss Me? If I Capture Ur Heart Will U Love Me ?
A Boy & Her Girl Were Standing In Front Of A Mirror The Girl Asked, "What Do U C?" The Boy Smiled And Said, "The Rest Of My Life".
Your Lips? I Kiss That. Your Body? I Hug That. My Smile? You Cause That. Your Heart? I Want That.
Talk 2 Me When I'm Bored, Kiss Me When I'm Sad, Hug Me When I Cry, Care 4 Me When I M Away, Love Me When I'm Wid U...
Ek Dum Latest And Jhakaas Way 2 Propose.. Boy: Xcuse Me Grl: Jee Kahiye Boy: Mere Hone Wale Bacho Ki Taraf Se Apko Happy Mother's Day.
Hold Me In Your Arms .. Never Let Me Go.. ! Kiss Me On My Lips.. But So Sweet & Slow.. Tell Me That You Love Me.. But Only If It Is True..! Now, Let Me Tell You Something .. I’m So In Love With You .
Raat Dhali Din Aa Gaya, Din Dhala Phir Sham Aa Gayi, Abhi Baithe Hi The Taro Ki Chhaw Me, Chand Ko Dekha Aur Apki Yaad Aa Gayi.
Its Nice Whn Som1 Holds N Umbrella 4 U Undr D Rain... Bt Its Nicr Whn Som1 Holds Ur Hand & Togthr V Run Crazily Undr Th Rain.
Raat Guzri Phir Mehekti Subah Aayi, Dil Dhadka Phir Tumhari Yaad Aayi. Mere Jism Ne Mehsoos Kiya Uss Hawa Ko, Jo Tumhe Chhukar Mere Paas Aayi.
Most Romantic Line: A Boy Told His Girlfriend Your Eyes Are Just Too Beautiful! D Girl Replied Yes, They R Beautiful, Only Bcoz U Stay In Them.
It's You. You Mean Everything To Me... You Are The First Thought In My Head In The Morning When I Wake Up; My Last Thought Before I Go To Bed. You Smile At Me In My Dreams... When You Are Sad, I Fell Sad, And When I See Your True Smile, I Feel Incredible, Like There Is No Other Thing Around And All I Can See Is You.
To See Love, Look At Moon.. To See Beauty, Look At Nature.. To See Light, Look At Sun.. To See Hope, Look At Future.. But I Can See All Of These By Just Looking At Ur Eyes..!
I Kept My Heart Strong Like Iron.. But I Didnt Know That Ur Heart Is A Magnet..!
Let Me Be The One To Love U Deep In My Heart.. Let Me Be The One To Hug U Tight In My Arms... Let Me Be The One To Kiss U Hard With My Lips.. I Dont Know How Long Can We Be Together.. But Just Let Me Be The One..!
Take My Eyes But Let Me See U.. Take My Mind But Let Me Think About U.. Take My Hands But Let Me Touch U.. But Dont Try To Take My Heart.. Bcoz Its Already With U..!
I Need A Kiss; I Require Hugs; I Long For Love; I Yearn For Warmth; I Want To Feel An Intimate Touch. But Mostly I Need All The Above. And That Too, From You And You Only!
I Love To Watch You Sleep, & Listen To Your Heartbeat.. I Love To Hear My Name On Your Lips.. I Love To Hear Your Laugh.. I Love Looking Into Your Eyes. I Love To Kiss On Your Lips.
Measured By Miles, U Are Away From Me.. Measured By Thoughts, U Are Closer To Me.. Measured By Heartbeat, "U Are In Me"
Love Is More Than What I Have. Love Is More Than What You Are. Love Takes Me Where Ive Never Been. Love Takes Me Where I Am Today. In Love Is What I Am With You.
I Love You.. I Love Your Smile & In Love With Those Beautiful Eyes I Love Your Voice. And Every Word You Speak Makes Me Fall In Love With You All Over Again..
Come Close To Me.. Look Directly Into My Eyes.. Now Tell Me What U Can See.? Try Again And Look Deeper.. That Is Correct.. U Will Find Urself In Me..!
When I Give U Time It Means Im Givng U A Portion Of My Life Tht I Wll Neva Get Back... So Dnt Waste My Time ? I Want To Make It Beautiful Only Vid U
The World Is Beautiful.. When We Are Smiling Together.. When You Are By My Side.. When You Talk To Me.. When Seeing Your Msg My Heart Skips A Beat.. When Any Romantic Song Reminds Me Of You.. When I Make Luv Signs On D Backpage Of My Notebook.. When Everything Around Me Just Feels Like Love .. Love .. Love
Hold Me.. Like I M The Last Person You Want In Your Arms, Kiss Me.. Like Its Gonna Be The Last Kiss You Ever Going To Taste, Hug Me.. Like You Want Me Forever, But, Most Of All.. Love Me.. Like I M The One You Always Dreamed Of... Don't Love The Cheatable Heart & Don't Hate The Lovable Heart Cuz, Ice Melts When Heated & Eyes Melts When Cheated.
My First Dream Come True Was Meeting You My Second Dream Come True Was Falling In Love And Every Day Since Has Been A Dream Come True, Because Every Day There Is You!
Two Innocent Eyes, A Beautiful Smile, A Very Beautiful Face, A Cute Fairy, Came To My Life, Made My Life Rainbow, Her Voice Became The Most Wonderful Melody For Me, Her Very Sight Made Me Mad.
I Promised You Once, I Promise You Twice, This Love Will Never End That I Feel So Deep Inside, I Loved You Yesterday And Even More Today And I Never Want This Feeling To Go Away, Baby You Are My Everything. I Love You.
Girl: I'll Be Anything You Want Me To Be Boy: There Is Only One Thing That I Want You To Be Girl: Whats That? Boy: My Wife...!
Boy: What Did One Leaf Say To The Other ?? Girl: What ?? Boy: I’m Falling For You She Smiles At Him Softly Girl: Then What Did The Sand Say To The Tidal Waves ?? Boy: You Tell Me..?? Girl: Take Me With You "Forever"
One Day We Will Wake Up, You Will Be By My Side Starring At Me Sleeping I'll Ask If You Are Ok & You Will Say Yes Then I Will Ask Why Are You Up So Early & You Will Say Because You Are Beautiful When You Asleep.!!!
Two Innocent Eyes, A Beautiful Smile, A Very Beautiful Face, A Cute Fairy, Came To My Life, Made My Life Rainbow, Her Voice Became The Most Wonderful Melody For Me, Her Very Sight Made Me Mad..
A Soft Whisper From Your Lips, A Gentle Kiss. Is It Too Much To Ask For This? To Lay My Head Against Your Chest, To Feel Your Arms Around Me In My Dreams Are All Things I Can See. Hearing You Say My Name, Touch My Face, Stroke My Hair. Being Without This Forever I Can Not Bare! Feeling Our Hearts Becoming One As Was Meant To Be. I Know What I Feel Is Destiny.
Baby You Are Like A Drug.. The More I Wanna Stay Away From You, The More I Want You.
When I Say I Love You Baby You Got To Know Itz For All Time You Are Not Alone For Am Here With You And If You Need Me Just Call Ma Name Ma Life I'll Be Alwayz Here To Hold Your Hand..!!
When I L0ok Int0 Y0ur Eyes I See Y0ur L0ve And Compassi0n When Y0u T0uch My Hands I Feel Y0ur Strength And Care When I Hear Y0ur V0ice I Hear Y0ur C0mf0rt Fr0m Within When I Smell Y0ur Skin I Smell A Sweet Sensati0n Of Bliss When I Taste Y0ur Kiss I Kn0w I Am G0ing To Be With Y0u F0rever I Love You..