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If In Examination Hall During D Exam U Feel Tht D Paper Is Tough, Dont Worry. Just Close Ur Eyes, Take A Deep Breath N Say 2 Urself "Dis Is A Very Interesting Subject. I Want To Study It One More Year"
Human Brain Is The Most Outstanding Object In World. It Functions 24hrs A Day, 365days A Year. It Functions Right From The Time We Are Born, And Stop Only When We Enter The Examination Hall.
Father To His Son- How Was The Paper? Son- Bas Pehla Sawal Chut Gaya. Father- Acha,aur Baki? Son- 3rd Mujhe Ata Nahi Tha, 4th Main Karna Bhul Gya, 5th Mujhe Nazar Nahi Aya Nd 6th Paper Ki Pichli Taraf Tha Meine Dekha Nahi. Father Gusse Me Bola- Aur 2nd Ques? Son- Bas Sirf Wahi Galat Hua Hai!
The Most Difficult Task For A Student Is......? 1) Waiting For The Lecture To End 2) Stop Laughing At Teacher...:d 3) Controlling Sleep In Class 4) Attending Class Without Bunking :P 5) Studying 6) All Of The Above 7) To Behave Like A Student :E 8) To Reach Class Before Attendance :-L 9) To Bear A Dumb Teacher :/ 10) To Tackle Crazy Teachers..!
What I Learned During Classes In School : How To Yawn Without Opening Mouth. How To Sleep With Eyes Open. How To Text Without Looking At The Cell Phone. . How To Eat Lunch Without Moving Mouth. How To Pretend That We Are Understandingeach And Every Word Of Teachers. . !!
Ye Exam Ke Rishte Bhi Ajib Hote He Sab Apne Apne Nasib Hote He Rehte He Jo Nigaho Se Dur Saale Wahi Question Compulsory Hote He..
Universal Truth We Learnt: "Sun Rises In The East". Fact: "Sun Neither Rises Nor Sets, Only Earth Rotates..!" Moral:- "Education Ruins Us!!!"
Techer:- Homework Kyu Nahi Kiya? Student:- Tv Dekh Raha Tha... Mood Nahi Tha... Teacher:-(slap) Batamiz Muh Pe Jawab Deta Hai? Student:-kyu Sach Ka Sabak Sikhaye.... Jab Sach Sun Bhi Na Paye.... Sach Koi Bole To Tu Niyam Kanun Bataye... Tera Dar, Tera Pyar, Teri Wah, Tu Hi Rakh, Rakh Saali...... Sadda Haq Aithe Rakh.... Sadda Haq Aithe Rakh....
Finaly Hamara Break Up Ho Gaya Hai...... Me & My Books Qki Ham Ek Doosre Ko Samajh Nahi Paye
4m Ragging To Being Seniors, 4m Strangers To Being Frnds, 4m Having Crush To Falling In Love, 4m Being Freaks 2 Being D Dudes N Dudettes, 4m Joys To Tears,this S The Journey Frm First To Second Year! Njoy The Last Few Months As Juniors.. Dese R Special Days Of Our Life !!
Wana B 1st In Class? Tips: 1- Wake Up Evryday At 5 Am. 2- Drink Tea Or Coffee. 3- Go 2 College At 6.00am Nobody Wil B There. U R 1st In Class..!
Studies Are Of Two Types.... 1st) Difficult Subjects Which Can't Be Studied.... 2nd) Easy Subjects That Doesnt Need 2 B Studies.... Thats How College Students Study :)
Height Of Good Luck! Teacher: Hey! Stand Up. Tell Me Two Pronouns. Student: Who? Me? Teacher: Very Good. Sit Down....
Math Teacher : If A=b And B=c Then A=c, Now Give Me The Practical Example Of This Principle From Real Life. Student : I Love You Sir And You Love Your Daughter Which Means I Love Your Daughter.
Simple IIT Question What is the solution for 2+2? Options: a) 4 b) Four c) IV d) 4.0 Isiliye STUDENTS suicide krte hain... :)
Difference Between Insult & Achievement If You Cry Seeing Your Question Paper Its An Insult, But If You Make Your Teacher Cry Seeing Your Answer Paper Its Achievement.….!!!!
8 Semesters Are There 80gb Syllabus 80mb We Study 80kb We Remember 80 Bytes We Answer Binary Marks We Get, The Degree Finally We Get Is Be That Is Brain Empty (B.e)
In A School Function: A Lkg Boy Started Closing His Ears With Both Hands When A Girl Was About To Start Her Speech, Others Asked Him Why R U Closing Ur Ears, He Replied: Hey Dudes She Is My Lover, She-ll Start D Speech As My Dear Brothers And Sisters...
Exams R Here, At D Paper We Stare D Ans R No Where, Which Maks Us Pull Our Hair.. D Teachrs Glare, And Grades R Below Fair, But Just Like The Past 16 Yrs, We Dont Care!!!!!
Send Me Ur Msgs Only At These Timings.. Morning 6am-12pm Noon 12pm-4pm Evening 4pm-8pm Night 8pm-6am Besides Dese Timing I-ll B Studying.plz Coperate!!
Many Yrs Have Passed Millions Of Tomorrow Gone But Still A Hope Remains In All Students Dat . . . . We Will Study Tomorrow Definitly..:-)
1 Hand On Pen Othr On Phone, 1 Ear On Lecture Othr On Gossip, 1 Eye On Board Othr On Crush, Who Told College Life Is Easy..:-)
College Memories: One Sided Love, Silent Mode Mobiles, Bus Stand Comedies Canteen Foods, Escape From Seminars, Last Period Galataas, Birthday Treats, Last Minute Preparation, Over Night Study For Next Day Exam, Friend-family Functions, Internal Marks Problem, Mass Bunk For A Film, Waiting For Feb14, Shortage Of Pocket Money And Attendance Those Day Willnever Come Again
Life of a student: Wallet hai, paise nahi Lecture hai, attendance nahi Mobile hai, balance nahi Friends hai boyfriend ya girlfriend nahi Exam hai, tension nahi Padhna hai, lekin saala mood nahi!
In Examination Hall, How Do Boys Manage The Time.. 1. Watching The Girls Around. 2. Sighting The Lady Superviser. 3. Counting How Many Windows & Doors. 4. Seeing The Brand Name Of The Pen. 5. Reading Evrything Writen On Benches. 6. Feelings For Wasting Yesterday Nite. 7. Dreaming To Study Well For Nxt Xam. 8. Calculating Again & again D Marks He Can Get, Out Of Watever He Has Writen. 9. Thinking Abusive Words For The Paper Setter.. 10. Watching D Blank Ans. Sheets
First Line 2 Write In Exam "All D Answers Written Below Are Imaginary And Work Of My Creative Mind Any Rememblance To Textbook Iz Unintenti0nal And Purely Accidental..
One Fine Day, All Of Us Will Get Busy Wid Our Lives, Long Working Hours, No More Classes, Lectures, Friends, Teases & Funs, Sms, Wont Have Time 4 Ourselves, On Such A Day, You-ll Luk Outside Ur Window Alone & See Da Gud Old Memories Flash You By Nd You-ll Get A Smile Wid A Tear In Ur Eyez Nd You-ll Turn Bak 2 Ur Work Thinkin.. I Wish I Could Go Back... Dis Msg Is 2 Al My Frndz Who Helped 2 Create Such Memories, Thank U 4 Being A Part Of It.. Miss U All.
The Longest 5 Mins. In The World Is The Last 5 Mins. Of A Lecture!!! While The Shortest 5 Mins. Is The Last 5 Mins. Of An Exam!!! Isn-t It......
A Sleeping Lion Is Stronger Thn A Barking Dog. So A Sleepng Studnt Is Bettr Thn A Barking Lecturer.
Girls Are Not Worried About Der Looks Nw. Wah Wah Girls Are Not Worried About Der Looks Nw. Coz, I Am Busy Wid My Books Nw! Wah Wah Wah!!
Har Taraf Padhai Ka Saya Hai Kitabo Main Sukh Kisne Paya Hai Ladke To Jate Hai Tution Ladkiyan Dekhne Aur Sir Kehte Hai Dekho Itni Barsat Mai Ladka Padhne Aya Hai:-p…
Jab Class Mai Hum Boys Hasi-majaak Kare Tab Mere Ek Sir Ka Reaction.. "Kya Hai..kyn Itni Jyaada Hasi Aa Rahi Hai... Koi Joke Yad A Gaya Kya..get Out Tumhari Attendance Nahi Lagegi"!!! Aur Jab Ladkiya Hass Rahi Ho Tab : "Arey Kya Baatein Ho Rahi Hain Aaj? Kyun Itna Hass Rahe Ho? Zara Humein Bhi Toh Bataiye!!! :P ;) Sale Thurky Teachers Hote The Sab;-d
Height Of Respect: . . Hum Sirf Ye Soch Kar Apni Answer Sheet Khaali Chhod Aate Hain Ke Kahi Teachers Ye Na Kahein, . . . . . . . . . . "Dekho Aaj Ke Bacche Bado Ko Jawaab Dete Hain" :P . . Sanskar You Know..!! x) :P
Teacher 2 Student: Semester System Ke Fayde Batao...??? . . . . . . Student: Fayde To Pata Nahi. Par Beizatti Saal Me 2 Baar Ho Jaati Hai...!!!
'Wo Choti Choti Baton Pe Ruth Jana, Wo Ruthe Huye Ko Or Bhe Satana, Wo Kabhi Bhe Parh Kar Na Jana, Jo Teacher Puche To Topiyan Pehnana, Wo Class Mai Beth Kay Gappey Lagana, Wo Ek Dosre Ko Qisse Sunana, Na Hi Wo Din Rahenge Or Na Phir Laut Kar Ayenge, Na Tafreeh, Na Wo Dost, Na Wo Batain :-( Agar Kuch Reh Jayega To Bus Yaadain :- ( !!
Ye Dosto Ki Mehfil Ye Rato Ko Jagna.. Gaaliyan Sunke Hasna Phir Juta Leke Piche Bhagna Bhabhi/jiju Bolke Dost Ki Gf/bf Ko Chidana Ek Samose Mein 10 Tukde Baatna Pagalo Ki Tarah Dusre Ka Dimag Chatna.. Mar Khake Fir Muskurana.. Kharch Karna H Par Paise Chupate H.. Ye Sab Ek Din Kho Jayega.. Jivan Shayad Tanha Ho Jayega.. Fir Bhi Hum Muskuraya Karenge.. Aur Apne Dosto Ko Galiyan De Kar Fir Bulaya Karenge..
Rocking Quote By A Tired Student: . . . I Want A 6 Month Vacation… . . . . .. . . Twice In A Year.
Student's Life Whole Year :- (',')> _/)( Disco Deewane 'Aaa Haa' Last 2 Days Before Xam : - (',')__ _ /_/ Shirdi Wale Sai Baba Tere Dar Pe Aaya Hoon!
College Life: Wallet He, Paise Nahi. Lecture He, Attendance Nahi. Cell He, Balance Nahi. Frands He, Lovernahi Exam He, Tension Nahi Padhna He, Par Saala Mood Nahi....
Agr Akela Techer, Sare Subject Nhi Padha Sakta To Aisi Ummid Kyu Karte H Ki 1 Student Sare Subject Padhe? Jago Stdntzz Jago.
College Life: 8 Frnds, 1 Bike But No Petrol...:p . Exam Night, 6 Dufers & No Notes...! . Sitting On Sea View, 6 Smokerz & 1 Cigarette...! . Principal Call For Insult, 6 Gangster & All R Saying Pehle Tu Ja Pehle Tu Ja...! . 1 Girl, 6 Frnds & All R Saying, Teri Bhabhi Teri Bhabhi...! . Everything Stupid But Sumthing Sensible Like Friendship.
Gujre Hue Egjaam Ko Yaad Na Karna, Answer Sheet Me Jo Likha Hai Uski Fariyaad Na Karna, Jo Hoga Wo Hoga, Uski Fikra Me Apni Holidays Barwad Na Karna. . . !
I Hate Studies, But Luv Technology. I Flirt Wid Flirters, But I Respect Lovers. World Can't Change Me, But I Can Change Da World. I Don't Have Books In Hand, But I Have Revolutionary Ideas In Mind. I'm Da Rarest Race On Earth.. Meet Me I'm A Back Bench Student!!!!
Exam Shuold Be Given On Either Facebook Or On Phone Instead Of Sheets.. . Because... . . . . . Today's Student Have More Typing Speed Than Writting Speed.
Ek Student Ko Apni Life Mein, Khud Par Sabse Jyada Proud Kab Hota Hai ? . . Jab Usko Exam Mein Kuch Na Aata Ho, Aur Pichhe Se Teacher Aake Kahe, ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Copy Chhupa Lo Pichhe Wala Dekh Raha Hai.... . . Kasam Se Seena Choda Ho Jata..
What Is The True Meaning Of Study. S- Sleeping, T- Talking, U- Unlimited, D- Dreaming, Y- Yaani Mast Life. So Carry On Study.
Bhagwan Ka Diya Sab Kuch Hai: . . Books Hai Notes Hai Time Hai Aur Hausla To Itna He Ke Jab Chahe Padh Ke Top Kar Sakta Hu, Bus 1 Hi Baat Ki Kami Hai, . . . "Mood" Saala Banta Hi Nai.
One Of The Cutest Memory Of School Days . . . . . . . . Mam, May I Go To Drink Water, Mem: "Yes" Friends: Oye Meri Bottle Le Ja.... . . Meri Bhi...meri Bhi
World's Best Feeling.. . . . It Comes When We See A Very Wonderful Question Paper In Examinations Hall And We Smile At Each Other And Say: Ek Bhi Nahi Aata Yaar...
Rocking Student Life Cheatng In Exam: Boy 1: ye Kya Likha Hai..?? Boy 2: saale Jo Word Samajh Aa Raha Hai Wo Likh, Jo Nahi Aa Raha Uska Aisa Hai Vaisa Hi Design Bana De.