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I Don't Know How To Say This, But I Thank You Very Much For Always Being There For Me You're Gentle, Friendly Touch You Helped Me To Get Better And Stop What I Regret You Helped .....
Your Irreplaceable Heartiness, Love And Understanding Are The Sources Of My Strength. Please, Accept My Heartfelt Thank U...
Thanks So Much For Being There On My Side And Supporting Me All Through. Without U My Life Would Have Been Incomplete.
Thank You For Touching My Life In Ways You May Never Know. My Riches Do Not Lie In Material Wealth, But In Having Friend Like You A Precious Gift From God.
A Single Candle Can Illuminate An Entire Room A True Friend Like U Dazzles Up An Entire Lifetime Thanks For Gifting The Bright Lights Of Ur Friendship.
You Are The Most Special Person In My Life. You Are My Friend, Philosopher, Guide And Lot More. Thanks For Coming In My Life.
For Always Being On My Side, For Your Protection And Support, For Sharing My Dreams I Do Thank You, My Friend..
I Thank You For Your Kindness I Will Not Soon Forget You're One Of The Nicest People I Have Ever Met..
Thanks 4 Being My Friend Thanks 4 Thinking About Me Thanks 4 Care About Me Thanks 4 Everything You Did For Me You Shouldn't Have But I'm So Glad U Did.
Thank You For The Good Times, The Days You Filled With Pleasure. Thank You For Fond Memories, And For Feelings I'll Always Treasure.
Thank You 4 Being Simply The Best How You Do It, We'll Never Know A Passionate Teacher, Yet One Of The Guys Never The Boss, Yet Controlling The Flow Kind, Free And Caring, Groovy & Wise Your Excellence Spoils Us For All Of The Rest!
I Really Appreciate You Your Helpful, Giving Ways And How Your Generous Heart Your Unselfishness Displays.
Thank U So Much For Sending Me This Gift. I Appreciate Da Thoughtfulness As I Do 4 Our Friendship. I Wish U The Best & Luk Forward Seeing U Soon.
I Have Learned That To Have A Good Friend Is The Purest Of All God's Gifts,for It Is A Love That Has No Exchange Of Payment Thank You My Friend.
Each Day God Sends His Angels To Guide Us. We Don't Expect To See Them With Wings, Or With Halo Flying Above Their Heads. Instead, They Come In Disguise And We Call Them Friends. Thank You For Being An Angel To Me!
Thank You For Your Friendship & Ur Luv However Life May Turn, This Gift Will Be A Mountain That Has Made My River Bend Nor Will It Flow The Same Way To The Sea Knowing U Iz Something I'm Made Of Years Will Not This Part Of Me Remove!
Thanks To All My Lovely Friends, For Wishing Me On My Birthday. Its My Pleasure That U All Gave Me So Much Love. And Special Thanks For My Lovely Friends.
After Being With You, I Am Simply Unable To Believe That Life Can Be Dull And Boring Sometimes. For Me, Life Is A Roller Coaster And You've Made It So. Thank You For Being There Sweetheart.
From Your Childhood To Now, You Spend Your Time With Your Friends, Parent And Family Members And Included Me, So Today I Think Is The Best Day To Say You Thank You For The Time You Spend With Me.
You Held My Hand Through All The Tough Times, My Love. I Couldn't Have Made It Without You.. Thank You, With All My Heart!
Each Sms You Send Either Night Or Day, Surely Kicks My Loneliness Away. And There's One Thing I Want To Say, Thanks For Making Me Part Of Your Day!
Thank You So Much For Your Gift. I Really Appreciate You Thinking Of Me And You Couldn't Have Chosen A More Perfect Present For Me. Again, Thanks Very Much!
Thank You Boss For Reposing Confidence In Me And Your Support For This Project. I'm Sure You're Going To Be Pleased With The Results!
I Thank You For Your Kindness, That I Shall Never Ever Forget, You're One Of The Nicest People, I Have Ever Met.
Dear God, Thank You For All The Blessings In My Life, Big And Small. Thank You For Surrounding Me With People Who Love And Care About Me.
We Are In The Last Evening Of The Year, Just Felt I Should Thank Everyone Who Made Me Smile This Year You Are One Of Them So Here’s A Big Thank You.
When U Walked Into My Life I Never Know U Would Become An Integral Part Of It. Thanks For Being There And Sorting Out All Of My Problems.
Thanks To All My Lovely Friends, For Wishing Me On My Birthday. Its My Pleasure That U All Gave Me So Much Love. And Special Thanks For My Lovely Friends.
This Message Is For The Most Wonderful Person In This World Thank You For Always Being There On My Side And For Helping Me In Those Infinite Ways Which I Cannot Even Remember.