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What Is Education...? Education Is A Process Of Wasting Half Of Our Life To Learn How To Waste Remaining Half Of Our Life. -Albert Einstein.
You May Never Know What Results Come Of Your Actions, But If You Do Nothing, There Will Be No Results. Mahatma Gandhi.
"Magic Is Believing In Yourself, If You Can Do That, You Can Make Anything Happen." Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
"Let A Man Lose Everything Else In The World But His Enthusiasm And He Will Come Through Again To Success." - H. W. Arnold
"I Should Only Insult Myself If I Cared To Answer Those Who Consider Me Capable Of Such Unbounded Stupidity." - Rabinder Nath Tagore
"You Only Have To Do A Very Few Things Right In Your Life So Long As You Don't Do Too Many Things Wrong." - Warren Buffett
"Our Doubts Are Traitors, And Make Us Lose The Good We Often Might Win, By Fearing To Attempt." - Shakespeare
"No Man Was Ever So Completely Skilled In The Conduct Of Life, As Not To Receive New Information From Age And Experience." - Jonathan Swift
"The Difference Between A Normal Person And A Great Person; If You Can't Make It Good, At Least Make It Look Good." - Bill Gates
"Success Is Neither Magical Nor Mysterious. Success Is The Natural Consequence Of Consistently Applying The Basic Fundamentals." - Jim Rohn
"The True Definition Of Madness Is Repeating The Same Action, Over And Over, Hoping For A Different Result." - Albert Einstein
"A Fool Can Become A Genious When He Understands He Is A Fool" But "A Genious Can Become A Fool When He Understands He Is A Genious"!- Dr. Abdul Kalam..!
Bill Gates Says:- I Will Alwys Choose A Lazy Persn To Do A Difficult Job... Bcoz, He Will Find An Easy Way To Do It.' Be Lazy Think Crazy...!!!
Height Of Sharp Mind Intrviewr Said: I Shall Either Ask U 10 Easy Questn Or One Difficult Questn. Think Well Before U Make Up Ur Mind. Boy Said: My Choice Is 1 Difficult Questn Intrviewr: Ok Tell Me This "What Comes First, Day Or Nite" The Boy Thought 4 A While And Said: It's Day Sir Intrviewr Asked: How? Boy Replied: Sorry Sir, U Promised Me That U Will, Not Ask A Second Questn!" He Was Selected For Job..!
Alexander Said: " I Don't Belive In Taking Right Decisions... I Take Decisions & Make Them Right" Be A Founder, Not A Follower.
Love Looks Not With The Eyes But With The Mind And Therefore Is Winged Cupid Painted Blind ? ~ Shakespare ~
Being Deeply Loved By Someone Gives You Strength, While Loving Someone Deeply Gives You Courage. -Lao Tzu
Great Line By Dr Apj Abdul Kalam I M Not Handsome But I Can Give My Hand To Someone Who Need Help... Bcoz Beauty Is Required In Heart Not On Face....
A Famous Quote Said By Lord Krishna In Bhagvat Gita: "If U Don't Fight For What U Want, Dont Cry For What U Lost..."
"Life Religion Is Real Living; Living With All One's Soul, With All One's Goodness And Righteousness". Albert Einstein.
Excellent Lines From Dr. Abdul Kalam: What Is Success? He Replied In Simple Words.. When Ur "Signature" Changes To "Autograph" Thats The Real Success..
Best Saying: “If You Want To Shine Like Sun, First You Will Have To Burn Likeit.” Adolf Hitler
Nice Lines.. Why We Need A Bst Frnd When V Have So Many People Around Us? A Wise Man Said: Air Is Everywhere But We Still Need A Fan To Feel It.
Nice Line 4 All Time* "Love Ur Job, But, Dont Love Your Company.. Because, You Dont Know When Your Company Stops Loving You.!" Dr. Apj Abdul Kalam.
Touching Lines By The Comedy King Charlie Chaplin Your Pain May Give Laugh To Somebody.. But, Your Laugh Should Not Give Pain To Anybody......!!!!!
Hitler Great Words.. Don't Compare Yourself With Any One If You Do So You Insulting Your Self Beacuse You Are The Best..!!
Best Line For A Practical Life From Charlie Chaplin: "I Have Many Problems In My Life. But My Lips Don't Know That..."s0 They Always Smile.
Diamond Words Of Hitler One Who Wins Without Problem It Is Just Victory; Bt One Who Wins With Lot Of Troubles; That Is History
Dream Dream Dream: Convert These Dreams Into Thought And Then Transform Into Action By- A P J Abdul Kalam
"One Who Wins Without Problem, Its Just Victory." But "One Who Wins With Lots Of Trouble, He Creates History" Adolf Hitler
Every One Can't Be Star In The Sky 'But' Atlest We Can Be A Lamp In Our Home... Swamy Vivekananda
All People Don't Have Equal Talent 'But' All Have Of Them Opportunity To Develop Thier Talent. "Abdul Kalam"
Everything You Want Is Out There Waiting For You To Ask. Everything You Want Also Wants You. But You Have To Take Action To Get It. Jack Canfield
What Is Done Is Done. Do Not Repent, Do Not Brood Over Past Deeds, You Can Not Undo, Face Its Effect But Never Do The Same Mistake Again. Swami Vivekananda
The Difference Between Like, Love & In Love Are The Same Difference Between For Now, For A While & Forever
Excellent Self Respect Line I Have Ever Heard... "If Its Going To Be Hard For People To Choose Between Me 'N Someone Else I Would Allow Them To Choose The Other One Because I'm Not An Option"
"Education Makes People Easy To Lead, But Difficult To Drive; Easy To Govern, But Impossible To Enslave." (Henry Peter Broughan)
A Beautiful Quote By Chanakya.. Don't Be Too Honest In This World Because Straight Trees Are Always Chosen First For Cutting..
Great Words From Abdul Kalam.. Fail Is Like Steps. Pass Is Like A Lift. Lift May Fail Sometimes. But, Steps Will Always Get U 2 The Top.
Im A Great Fan Of Thomas Edison, Bcoz He Said That.. Tomorrow Is My Exam, But I Dont Care.. Bcoz A Single Sheet Of Paper Cannot Decide My Future..
"The Value Of A Man Should Be Seen In What He Gives And Not In What He Is Able To Receive". -Albert Einstein..
A Great Author Says:- I Love Photos..!! Sum1 Asked Why? He Replied Bocz Photos Never Changes Even When People In It Change..!:-)
"Imagenation Is More Important Then Knowledge." Albert Einstein.'
If I've 8 Hours To Chop Down A Tree, I Would Spend 6 Hours Sharpening The Axe Work Smarter, Not Harder. (Abraham Lincoln)
Most Of The Shadows Of Life R Caused By Standing In Our Own Sunshine. Ralph Waldo Emerson
"Opportunities Are Like Sunrises, If You Wait Too Long You Can Miss Them". William Arthur.
"Coin Always Makes Sound But The Currency Notes Are Always Silent. So When Your Value Increases Stay Quiet" Shakespeare.
"The World Suffers A Lot. Not Because Of The Violence Of Bad People, But Because Of The Silence Of Good People!" Napoleon.
"I Am Thankful To All Those Who Said No To Me It's Because Of Them I Did It Myself." Einstein.
"Laughing Faces Do Not Mean That There Is Absence Of Sorrow! But It Means That They Have The Ability To Deal With It". Shakespeare.