• तुम जिंदगी की वो कमी हो..

    जो जिंदगी भर रहेगी....!!

  • सारी दुनिया की खुशी अपनी जगह …,

    उन सबके बीच तेरी कमी अपनी जगह …..!

  • सोचते हैं जान अपनी उसे मुफ्त ही दे दें,

    इतने मासूम खरीदार से क्या लेना देना..!



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Workers/Labor Day SMS

Very Good Wish And Greetings To All The Workers Throughout The World On This May Day Happy Labor Day To All Laborers.
You Have Worked Hard Toiling Throughout Delivering Your Best Now Its Time To Relax Have Some Rest Best Wishes On 1st May International Workers Day.
Let’s Celebrate The Labor That Built Up This Great Land From Field To Field To Desk To Desk They Built It Hand In Hand. Happy Labor Day.