• तुम जिंदगी की वो कमी हो..

    जो जिंदगी भर रहेगी....!!

  • सारी दुनिया की खुशी अपनी जगह …,

    उन सबके बीच तेरी कमी अपनी जगह …..!

  • सोचते हैं जान अपनी उसे मुफ्त ही दे दें,

    इतने मासूम खरीदार से क्या लेना देना..!



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World Environment Day SMS

Care For The Environment And You Care Not Only For Yourself But For The Entire Universe And All That Is A Part Of It. Happy World Environment Day.
Let The Peace Of Nature Flow In Your Life.. On World Environment Day And Always! Have A Great Environment Day
Keep Your World Clean And Green. Save Trees, Save The Environment Clean City, Green City Happy World Environment Day.